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We are Private Investigators in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex and area with subcontracted agents available throughout North Carolina and the entire U.S. and Canada. You can read on or just call Investigator James Petrie at 919 795 8910 and he will explain what we can do for you with no obligations. An investigation involving cheating is called a Domestic Investigation.

An investigation involving children is usually labeled as a Child Custody Investigation. We also handle Stalking cases by helping replace terror with sensible counter measures for our clients. The "Security Manage" part of the name refers to our Computer Security Specialist who can protect your business from getting hacked for ransom.

We are also equipped for criminal investigations, missing persons investigations, murder investigations, corporate investigations, benefits fraud investigations, and provide attorney support.We provide experienced professionals at a very reasonable fee. Detective James Petrie has worked undercover investigations for more than thirty years.

read more › Private Investigators in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and area. We are currently rated as a five star business on Google. We have the most "Advanced" GPS tracking systems and covert cameras in the world. By investing in the latest technical devices, and having over thirty years experience, we maintain our position as the best in the business. We are efficient and professional so you will save money and get peace of mind. My name is James Petrie. We investigate Domestic Matters, Missing Persons, Child Custody Issues, Criminal Matters, Teens issues, Property Recovery, Benefits Fraud, and we provide Computer Security Specilist services for businesses to protect your information and avoid ransom charges.

read more › Latest New Advanced Technology: Cell phone data recovery - even the text messages and the deleted stuff. Call us for more information. Domestic investigations range in cost depending on the complexity and amount of information required. In our agreement, you can set your limit on what you will spend on your investigation. We typically work from a retainer fee provided by the Client or Attorney ranging between $ 250.00 and $ 1000.00 in a certified check or money order. The amount of the retainer required depends on how much evidence you will need.

read more › If your business partner's integrity is in question, but you are too busy to investigate, we are ready to help. We can do a complete executive level background checks. The information we find may prevent you from losing your assets. Recently in Cary we have found that there is a group of people who are making friends over a short period of time, asking their new friends to invest in their busineses with no intent of repaying the loans. They are judgment proof meaning there are no assets in their names.

read more › The State will pay us to investigate in your defense. If your defense Attorney doesn't know me change that now! James Petrie is currently working for Defense Attorneys in Wake County: Call for more information. 919-795-8910 We can tell you how we were helpful in finding important evidence to find the truth in notable cases. Mr. Roberts was a CCBI Director here in Raleigh and his been on more Crime Scenes than anyone can count. Lee's experience is known and respected by everyone from local police to Raleigh's top Attorneys.

read more › You are calling on me now, so I know, one of the above is probably the issue you are concerned about. We have been very successful in providing evidence for Lawyers that typical work child custody cases. Many of my cases have resulted in a complete change of orders due to significant changes in the circumstances as brought forth by our investigations. We can work for you or your Attoney. We accomplish the above by conducting surveillance, tracking your child, conducting complete background checks on any new people involved and by being prepared for the hearings.

read more › We Always Get Our Man - Since 1997 we have been successfully providing the power of truth to our clients. We use special investigative techniques and cutting edge equipment to catch insurance fraud by using both unmanned continuous running cameras and manned cameras so that we can be covert at all times and never miss an opportunity to video record the subject. We can send the reports in any format. For EVERY HOUR we are on the job you received A PHOTO OR A SEGMENT OF VIDEO of the location including any evidence collected.

read more › Real testimonies and current reviews can be found on Google by typing in "Private Investigator Cary NC" We are currently a five start business. We have had the pleasure of working with James Petrie since 2001 on a very time - consuming investigation. Throughout this period James has showed a timeless devotion to the investigation and gone to considerable lengths to ensure that his investigations are thorough. We have found his investigation skills to be outstanding throughout and would highly recommend his services.

read more › Our investigation retainer ranges from $ 250 for locates and some background checks - and to be determined depending on the type of investigation. We offer a free thirty minute consulation. In our agreement, you set the limit on what you spend on your investigation. Our references come with a name and phone number so that you can check them. See our Testimonials on the left. The first thirty minutes of consultation is free so please call to discuss your situation. Remember solving your case is more important than anything else and a five start business is very likely to do that for you.: (919) 795-8910.

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