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Quest Private Investigations The meaning or the dictionary defines fraud as the intentional perversion of truth to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right. Some lines of insurances are more vulnerable to fraud than others. For example health care, workers compensation and auto insurance are believed to be the sectors most affected on fraud.

On criminal defense investigations, perhaps is one of the more complex than any other investigation, it requires extremely focused attention to all the detail and the the relationship between all aspects of the case. Infidelity Investigations are performed to determine if a person's spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful. Most often, our client's suspicions are confirmed and supported through photos, video and other evidence.

Child Custody protecting the best interest of the custodial child is primary in these cases. Parents often reach out to our agency to help verify and document custodial related events that ultimately assist in establishing, preserving or modifying custodial status.

read more › Quest Private Investigations knows the most effective tool to combat insurance fraud is video surveillance, from stationary, covert, and mobile surveillance of a claimant's daily activities. The surveillance private investigation services we provide are the most comprehensive in the industry. We at Quest Private Investigations will discreetly document a claimant's daily activities, from physical capabilities, appearance and employment status. Utilizing state-of-the-art video equipment enables us to obtain the necessary video documentation even under the most difficult circumstances, we go beyond our best to provide the most outstanding service you can get from a investigation firm.

read more › Quest Private Investigations investigates criminal offenses that helps our clients to prove or disprove facts relating to a criminal allegation. We pursue leads and gather information that's helpful to our client. We track down witnesses, make observations, gather records and conduct surveillance when applicable to the case.

read more › Quest Private Investigations video tapes of any activity within view of the public provides an accurate description of the physical capabilities of the claimant or subject performing daily tasks. The value of videotaped activities includes viewing by the treating physician, which may be in direct conflict with a person's description of his or her limitations. In addition there is obvious value when videotaped evidence is used for proving at court trial or any hearings from both parties. Quest Private Investigations makes every effort, based on pre-surveillance investigation, to learn as much as we can so that a determination can be made as to the best day and time to capture activity on videotape.

read more › Quest Private Investigations works with local dealers and financial institutes in locating their vehicle (asset) when the registered owner decides to stop making the payments and starts to hide the vehicle (asset). That makes it hard for the lien holder to recover their vehicle (asset), sometimes the repossession company they hire to locate it, come to dead ends in the registered owners place of residence or employment. We conduct a background on the registered owner to find out as much information we can to locate them and make sure the vehicle (asset) is in the new developed address or employment.

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