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A private investigator, private detective, PI, or private eye, is a person who undertakes investigations, usually for a private citizen or some other entity not involved with a government or police organization. The main objective of a private investigator or private detective is to conduct investigations in order to find answers or to provide evidence.

We have done investigations for attorneys in civil cases, investigated suspicious claims for insurance companies and provided evidence of adultery or other illegal conduct within marriage to name a few. Our methodical process consists of keeping confidential and detailed notes of surveillance observations for our clients. Passant & Passant conducts client investigations aggressively while remaining within the scope of the law.

As an experienced and professional licensed investigator, we invite you to browse through our website and learn more about our effective and efficient confidential investigation methods and services.

read more › Passant & Passant, Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Ralph and Frank Passant. Ralph Passant was the founder of Business Information Company (BIC) in 1969 and served as president until he left in 1990 to form Passant & Passant, Ltd. Passant & Passant is now headed by Frank Passant who is now entering his 30th year as a private investigator. Mr. Passant is licensed in the State of Pennsylvania, is fully bonded, and insured. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Licensed Investigators Association (PALI).

read more › Insurance fraud costs employers and insurance companies millions of dollars per year. When an insurance adjuster suspects insurance fraud, they turn the case over to a private investigator who takes the investigation to the next level. The private investigator reviews the existing information gathered by the insurance adjustor and expands the scope of the investigation. This is accomplished by obtaining additional witness statements, background checks on all parties and surveillance work. Some times the fraud is being perpetuated by the claimant, with the support of unscrupulous medical providers, clinics, and attorneys.

read more › Worker's compensation statutes exist to protect employees from work injuries. As with any other benefit, there always exists a segment of the population who seek to exploit the system that is designed to protect them. Nationwide, worker's compensation fraud hit an all time high in 2005. Despite the steep punitive, legal, and financial consequences of committing worker's compensation fraud, the numbers continued to rise with each passing year. As private investigators, we are highly skilled at recognizing inconsistencies in the claimant's behaviors versus the facts of the case.

read more › Corporations are liable to their shareholders to investigate all instances of theft, fraud, and criminal activity that occur on their watch or with their employees. The days of firing an employee who is suspected of some fraudulent activity are long gone. Corporations are in a precarious position and need to main a delicate balance between protecting the corporation, without creating subsequent libel and slander suits from disgruntled employees. Our corporate investigation services handle each situation with a high degree of confidentiality and professionalism.

read more › Statistics from the US Chamber of Commerce estimate that approximately 75% of employees steal from the workplace on a regular basis. It is also estimated that one third of all bankruptcies are a direct result of employee theft. Theft is not limited to stealing products however. Employees also commit theft through timecard fraud, also referred to as time theft, stealing office supplies, inaccurate reporting for paid days off, expense report fraud, and others. In a simpler world, an employer would catch an employee stealing an item or cash and terminate them.

read more › While the police are the first agency, you think of when considering a criminal investigation. The police are limited however by civil process statutes that private investigators are not bound to. Furthermore, police departments are overburdened with criminal cases and working on tight budgets. We understand that victims need to find closure on criminal matters. Our team of professional criminal investigators is trained in criminal justice methods and the local statues where we do business. Many times average citizens who are victims of crime are not satisfied with the results of a police investigation.

read more › Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair or are searching for a missing person? If so, then a private investigator can assist. Private investigation services are so effective in fact, that we are hired by many clients to investigate potential spouses, prior to marriage. While the truth may be painful, finding out the truth after the fact can be disastrous. A fair amount of the clients who are seeking civil investigation are regular citizens who are in need of information. Many of our clients are involved in fierce custody or divorce cases, where the court system will not address their concerns without proof.

read more › Typically, domestic investigation services provide the client with evidence related to marriages, custody, or domestic violence. While most states have a no-fault divorce law, there is still a lot at stake in a divorce hearing. A domestic investigation aims to uncover the truth of a domestic situation so that the information can assist one party in the divorce hearing. Many times, a spouse attempts to hide assets in order protect assets. Some cases involve accusations of spousal abuse. A well executed domestic investigation will enable the spouse to substantiate the allegations so that they become fact instead of hearsay.

read more › Personal injury claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are big business for fraudulent plaintiffs. We work with many law firms in the area to investigate potential personal injury claims. While many claims are valid, unscrupulous plaintiffs will seek to exaggerate their injuries in an effort to obtain more money. While this activity is illegal and fraudulent, many take the risk nonetheless. We are an aggressive investigation service company. Our clients are professionals in the legal and insurance industries, seeking the truth of the matter.

read more › Legal actions and court cases take time to develop. The more time it takes to get your case to court, the greater the chances that your witnesses will move or get out of touch. Some witnesses want to be lost and purposely go underground or leave the area to avoid testifying or giving a statement. We can locate just about any person nationwide, no matter how long they have been missing. Our witness location and skip tracing services are tailored to our client's unique needs. We locate witnesses through database and records searches.

read more › Once a witness is located, their credibility needs to be assessed prior to trial. Once the legal team gathers all of the pertinent discover documents, the next step is to interview the witness. We work directly with our client's legal team to adequately prepare for the interview. Preparation is critical for a successful interview as the witness can make or break your case. We assist our clients in developing a complete list of witnesses that are critical to the case. From there, we assist with developing the story line to understand each witness' role in the case and create a question list.

read more › After a civil suit, the winning party is awarded their claim through a judgment imposed by the court. The party who is subject to the judgment is required to either pay the claim immediately or disclose their assets so that they can be attached to satisfy the claim. Unfortunately, a judgment does not guarantee payment. Many times, the loosing party will hide their assets in a last effort not to pay on the claim. In some instances, clients desire to verify the assets of a person before entering into a business contract with them.

read more › A good rule of thumb is to substantiate any liability claim. While the assumption is not that the injured party being fraudulent or misrepresenting the claim, a full investigation is necessary to cover all bases. The first step in investigating the claim is to understand the each party's stance and the issues surrounding the libelous event. The next step is to know the insurance coverage available that may cover the claim or any other responsible party. We aggressively investigate liability claims on behalf of insurance companies, attorneys, and private parties.

read more › In today's perilous world, people are not always what they appear to be. Some are purposely hiding information about their past so that they are not thought of badly. Others are bad people, who have a need to keep their real selves hidden in order to continue to perpetuate their ruse on the world. In some instances, a person's past may not be material. There are times when it is completely necessary to know all relevant facts about a person's past. We offer background-screening services to employers and other organizations that range from a very basic level, to sophisticated background checks that go back to a person's childhood and span the entire country.

read more › Public records are government records that are on file. They usually consist of court actions, including bankruptcies, business filings, and judgments. Public records enable you to learn about a person's use, or misuse of money, if they have been convicted of a crime or where they have lived over the course of their life. If a person has a social security number and state driver's license, there is a long trail of public records available. Locating full public records on an individual takes a fair amount of hands on experience to master.

read more › Our surveillance team uses the most technologically advanced covert techniques and equipment available. We conduct a full investigation and provide our clients with a detailed summary report and all video surveillance footage, photographs, and documents obtained during the investigation. Before all investigations, we meet with our clients to gather information on the subject of the investigation. We seek to understand the client's needs and what the investigation results will be ultimately be used for.

read more › As employers are held directly liable for the actions of their employees while they are on the clock, it is critical that employers make the time and resource investment to conduct pre-employment screening on all potential employees. Our pre-employment screening service offers a fast turnaround and accurate information. Our services are fully customizable and are utilized by small and large businesses alike. We offer screening based on the person's references and credentials, identity and credit, substance abuse and physicals, driving and criminal records.

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