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Hardesty Private Investigations Hardesty Private Investigations utilizes the latest cutting edge technology and techniques to gather detailed information about individuals and situations with 100% confidentiality and reliable results. Serving all southeastern Michigan communities, we provide excellent customer service and response time; always keeping in mind you and your client's best interests while utilizing discretion.

I am often asked if a person can be tracked by others via their personal cell phone or if they can track their spouse by using the spouse's phone. And also if it is possible for a spouse to track them by phone and know the content of text and phone messages. The simple answer is yes (check on the legality both locally and nationally!). Phone spyware was originally developed for parents to monitor their children's phone activity.

This same technology can be used to monitor other apps installed on your smartphone like Skype, Instagram and Facebook and to monitor your text messages, pictures, messages and calls.

read more › With over 20 years of hands on Law Enforcement and Police Administration experience, Hardesty Private Investigations knows what it takes to get the answers you need. Our team of specially trained investigative professionals provides a wide range of services, with absolute integrity and complete discretion, offering the highest level of service available today. To build the best defense for your client, you need verifiable facts that may include the initial police investigation, public record searches, locating and interviewing witnesses, and preparing detailed reports to support your case.

read more › Your inquiry is important to us and will be handled with the utmost care. Each request is securely delivered directly to one of our professional investigators with a response given within 24 hours. If this is an emergency please contact: 1-800-595-0830 immediately or call your local Police Department.

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