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Dave Mace is a retired investigator for the Rochester Police Department with over 21 years of law enforcement experience. 12 years of his service with RPD was in the assignment of Investigator. With these credentials you know you are getting knowledge and experience from your private investigator. Mace Investigations, LLC will get the information you're looking for.

Mace Investigations, LLC is Licensed by the New York State Department of State. They provide professional private investigations and assure their clients confidentiality and one-on-one service. Call Dave Mace at 585-542-2450 for help now in the Buffalo, Finger Lakes, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and surrounding areas.

read more › Dave Mace retired from the Rochester Police Department at the rank of Investigator with over 21 years of law enforcement experience. 12 years of his service with RPD was in the assignment of Investigator. Assigned to the Major Crimes Unit. Investigated some of the most complex investigations including: Major Economic Crimes; Insurance Fraud; Homicides, Intra-Familial Sexual Assaults of Children, Bank Robberies; Arson; Violent Crimes such as Shootings and Rape; and Missing Person Investigations.

read more › Dave Mace was assigned to the Rochester Stolen Vehicle and Insurance Fraud Task Force for 5 years as a Rochester, NY Police Department Investigator. He developed an ardent ability to investigate suspected insurance fraud while working closely with the insurance company SIU's. Not only did Dave meticulously investigate the suspected fraud, he obtained many confessions from the insured or their associates admitting to the fraudulent claims leading to many successful prosecutions and convictions. Dave Mace can provide recommendations from Insurance Company SIU Investigators and members of the NYS Insurance Department Frauds Bureau.

read more › Mace Investigations, LLC will diligently investigate any civil cases involving liability claims including personal injury, property damages, malpractice, slip and fall accidents, product liability, and automobile accidents. We will diagram the scene, takes photographs and videotape of the scene, take measurements and canvas the area for witnesses or people with information, and any other investigation requested by the Client.

read more › Employees and employers can commit worker's compensation fraud when they misrepresent facts to gain personal benefits that they are not legally entitled to or when they withhold awarding rightly owned benefits to employees. Employees commit this type of fraud when they falsely claim to injure themselves at work, when in fact, the injury occurred outside the workplace. Worker compensation fraud also includes employees exaggerating and being dishonest about their work injuries to receive benefits, such as disability benefits, while working at another job.

read more › Despite the change in the divorce laws with No-Fault Divorce, many people still request the assistance of a Private Investigator. Most of the time it is to find out one way or another if their spouse is cheating on them. Other people suspect their spouse is hiding assets such as property, homes, vehicles and businesses. We can conduct an investigation using surveillance and GPS Tracking to determine if a person has a secret romantic relationship, a gambling or drinking problem, or may be involved in some other activity detrimental to the relationship.

read more › Mace Investigations can conduct surveillance to determine if your spouse or domestic partner is having another relationship. We can document the Subject's activity by GPS Tracking and Videotape Surveillance. The Agency can make the best use of surveillance time by maintaining an open line of communication with the Client who may be able to provide the Subject's anticipated schedule. Call Mace Investigations for more information about investigating cheating spouses and domestic partner issues.

read more › Many times a parent or guardian has concerns about how their child is cared for when they are with the other parent. We can conduct a child custody investigation to determine if the other parent drinks excessively, is using illicit drugs or is involved in other activity detrimental to the safety and development of the child. We can also conduct a background check on your ex-spouse'/partner's new significant other to confirm or alleviate any concerns you may have about that person. We will check for a criminal history, sex offender registries, and interview neighbors and acquaintances.

read more › The process of locating delinquent debtors or assets on behalf of creditors. We are not a repo agency. We provide positive communication between the creditor and the debtor to facilitate the debtor becoming current with their payments, pay off their debt, or surrender the asset(s). Many times debtors move abruptly and/or change their phone numbers to avoid their creditors. Using the most up to date databases we have excellent results locating the debtor and the assets. We work closely with recovery agencies sharing information and maintaining an open line of communication with the Client.

read more › Mace Investigations, LLC can conduct covert surveillance of a subject or location and provide a quality copy of the video on a DVD for the Client. We have a high quality digital video camera as well as covert cameras for indoor and short distance surveillance. We can also provide high quality digital still photographs.

read more › We utilize the most current GPS technology to track vehicles or assets in real time. A historical record is maintained by the website server for 30 days for future reference. Our GPS units are battery powered and may be monitored live in the field on a laptop or PDA. Utilizing a GPS tracking device allows for more efficient surveillance of a vehicle without fear of losing the vehicle in traffic or at a red light and without additional manpower. Geo Fences: Notification by text message and/or email whenever the tracker enters or leaves a geographical boundary of interest (home, work, or other known location like a girlfriend/boyfriend's house).

read more › Dave Mace is currently employed as a part-time Internal Investigator with the Rochester City School District and available to assist other school districts. Determine if a family is in fact living within the school district the student is attending. We will conduct public records searches, conduct video surveillance to document where the student leaves a residence in the morning, where the student goes after school, how the student is transported to and from school, and where they sleep at night.

read more › Dave has completed 2 courses at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children directly related to Missing Person Investigations. His law enforcement background and work with child victims has provided a strong background in locating Missing Persons. Mace Investigations, LLC will conduct neighborhood canvasses, conduct interviews of friends and family, check Missing Person databases, contact and maintain an open line of communication with law enforcement, and network with other Private Investigators and professionals in the field.

read more › Safeguarding you, your employees and your facilities in high-risk termination matters. Our goal is to minimize your exposure to violence and to maintain a safe, productive workplace. Workplace violence is occurring at an alarming rate and many workplace violence matters are encountered when an "at-risk" employee is terminated. Retired law enforcement personnel with extensive experience in conflict management and dealing with tense and emotionally charged situations. Offer advice on preparation for the termination such as the location of the meeting, a security sweep of the meeting area and areas the employee will have access to, how to arrange for the employee to gather their personal belongings, and an exit route out of the building and off the premises.

read more › Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Anyone can become a victim. As a Rochester Police Department Investigator Dave Mace worked many Identity Theft cases that resulted in successful prosecution and convictions. Unfortunately, law enforcement is focused on preventing and solving violent crime making Identity Theft and other financial crimes a low priority. Mace Investigations, LLC will assist the Client with identifying fraudulent accounts or debts, gathering evidence, obtaining a credit check, placing a "fraud alert" on their credit report with the 3 leading credit bureaus and the Federal Trade Commission, and assist the Client with reviewing their financial statements.

read more › As a Client of Mace Investigations you can expect personal service with an emphasis on keeping the Client informed of the progress of the investigation at every step. The Client may contact Dave or the assigned investigator as often as necessary with questions or updates. Upon conclusion of the investigation, or as often as necessary during the investigation, the Agency will provide a professional, well written report of the findings and copies of any photographs or surveillance video on a DVD.

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