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Client's privacy is our priority. All information obtained by our Private Investigators during work, as well as the identity of the customer, are strictly confidential and provided by a non-disclosure agreement. Long distance can not prevent our Private Investigators from completing mission. We are proud of our field agents who are ready to conduct investigative actions anywhere in the world.

Each case that Private Investigators work on requires different methods of obtaining information with different levels of difficulty. That's why the final cost of the Gross Investigation Bureau's services is determined during preliminary negotiations with the client. The minimum order is 24 hours. The maximum amount of time for the Investigation is determined by the client in the agreement.

Feel free to contact us to determine the private investigator services that we can provide to achieve your goals and estimate the cost of these services. Our specialist will schedule a personal or online meeting with you and sign a bilateral Non-Disclosure agreement before starting negotiations to guarantee the confidentiality of the information you provide.

read more › Private Investigator, also known as Private Detective, works for individuals and organizations to find the truth, and the truth is nothing more than information supported by evidence. The Gross Investigation Bureau, dedicated to being the world's premier private investigative agency, is based in New York City. The Bureau is staffed with a wide array of highly-skilled and multi-disciplined private investigators, survillance agents, electronic technicians and analysts who support our most significant investigations with information research, collection and analysis.

read more › Collection and analysis of information on a commercial organization and its members in order to determine its financial reliability, legal status and responsibility. Documentation of the scene, collection of information and determination of the root causes to implement corrective action. Obtaining all information about a person including interviews with coworkers and neighbors. Inspection of premises and vehicles for detecting covert listening devices, hidden cameras and GPS trackers. Identification of a thief, return of property and prevention of a similar crime in the future.

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