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COMPANY OVERVIEW - Covert Inquiries - Investigations was established in 1989 as a licensed, bonded, and insured professional investigative agency providing prompt, innovative, and dependable investigative services for insurance companies, law firms, corporations, and private individuals. Our agency provides investigative services in the States of Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Kentucky, having conducted over five thousand case investigations the past sixteen years.

Covert Inquiries is fully insured, including one million E & O policy and bonded in all areas of operation, both for the protection of our agency and our clients. Although our agency is small, (three investigators), our investigators have a virtual unlimited base of experience, combining 40 plus years of investigative service. Our investigative techniques have proven to be effective in the law enforcement field and continue to be when applied in the private sector.

What we do for a living is take tough problems - sometimes seemingly impossible challenges - and find ways for our clients to get what they want within the law.

read more › After four years of Honorable service as a Sergeant with the United States Marine corps and decorated Vietnam combat veteran, Mr. Corrona served twenty years as a Detective Sergeant, (Undercover), Narcotics Division, Bureau of Investigation, with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Upon his retirement in 1989, as a decorated police officer, Mr. Corrona established Covert Inquiries - Investigations, now with operations in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Kentucky. Since entering the private sector of investigative service, Mr. Corrona has been featured in three "Case Closed" USA television productions relating to proper investigative techniques resulting in successful case closures.

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