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Use of the latest investigative methods, technologies, processes, and equipment enables us to provide you with the critical information you need, when you need it. Fully licensed and insured, ISG takes pride in conducting complete and thorough private investigations for clients worldwide.

Investigations and services cover child custody, divorce, asbestos exposure/mesothelioma, personal injury, infidelity, hidden-asset recovery, service of process, mass torts, surveillance, appellate cases, post-divorce remedies, and more.

read more › Investigative Services Group is a fully licensed and insured private investigation company focused on providing our clients with complete and thorough investigations. Investigations include child custody, pre-employment screening, asbestos/mesothelioma exposure, personal injury, infidelity, hidden asset recovery, service of process, mass torts, surveillance and much more. Investigative Services group was started in 1995 by Mr. Harvey Wells under the name of Sylvania Services Inc. In 2007, the company changed the name and moved the business from its location in Fulton County, Ohio to downtown Toledo, Ohio.

read more › Courts are usually harsh toward clients who behave dishonestly. Providing proof of deceitful behavior such as infidelity can help people achieve a more positive divorce settlement. Hidden assets are not easily identified or located and are frequently placed in the hands of a third party. Often funds are placed in accounts outside the court's jurisdiction. We have located hidden assets in offshore bank accounts, the hands of family members, within the control of lovers, in corporate shells and in corporations established in states or nations that provide for nominee ownership.

read more › Background checks are designed to collect information on a person or persons of interest. Various statutes and laws related to permissible purposes limit the types of information that can be obtained in each unique situation. We strictly follow the procedures mandated by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 as amended; the Fair Credit Reporting Act; the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act; the Truth in Lending Act; various banking information secrecy laws; drivers' protection acts; and a host of other regulations.

read more › By definition, due diligence is the verification of all information given to a company by any prospective business associate. Confirming the integrity of potential business partners and associates is critical to a company's continuing success. Many successful companies routinely verify information and investigate discrepancies on an ongoing basis as well. Such diligence helps protect everyone involved, from employees to shareholders to business owners. With its team of knowledgeable and experienced investigators, ISG helps clients meet the legal standards for due diligence by discreetly obtaining the most thorough, accurate, and up-to-date information possible.

read more › There is no question that child sexual abuse occurs, and when it does, perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. At the same time, false allegations of child sexual abuse are far more prevalent than many people realize. Without thorough investigation and expert legal assistance, false allegations destroy people's lives as well as their reputations. In fact, those who are falsely accused find themselves in for the fight of their lives. Perceived as guilty by almost everyone including family members, people are likely to lose in court without the assistance of lawyers and investigators experienced with this type of case.

read more › ISG is the leader in investigations of asbestos-related disease claims. We have developed proprietary methodology that allows us to identify and locate previously unknown witnesses to exposure and to identify and document alternate sources of exposure. We are well versed in EPA, AHERA, Clean Air Act, Toxic Substance Control Act, NEPA and NESHAP regulations, and many other guidelines related to the documentation and mitigation of damages. We have investigated numerous cases in industrial, commercial, governmental, agricultural, retail, military, and environmental settings.

read more › We develop case-specific questions designed to uncover leads that will result in admissible evidence. We develop the information necessary to ask pertinent factual, legal, and scientific questions. Our extensive databases allow us to locate and provide a court- certified expert on virtually any subject. We identify, locate, and provide certified or uncertified copies for admission into evidence. We have software that shows events chronologically in easy to comprehend formats used to point out inconsistencies.

read more › Faked injuries or death, staged auto accidents, arson, false police reports, and phony thefts are just a few examples of insurance fraud that cost individuals and companies billions of dollars every year. Based on the needs of each case, we employ the best combination of surveillance and photographic or video documentation. Our team has decades of experience in developing admissible evidence for trial and/or potentially admissible material suitable for negotiation and settlement purposes.

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