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Call is a consortium of experienced private investigators in the greater Boston area. We provide our clients with the most comprehensive, cost-effective investigative services available and have performed investigations locally, nationally, and throughout the world. The investigators at are well schooled in the art of surveillance, witness location, judgement recovery, and facts investigations.

Our team concentrates on protecting business assets via threat assessment, intelligence gathering, and electronic countermeasures. Additionally, we are able to perform specialized online database searches in order to quickly and inexpensively locate individuals and assets. We employ the use of gps technology, computer hard drive imaging, and data compilation combined with 25 years of investigative expertise.

As realists, we recognize that the web is full of detective agencies, some of whom make some incredible claims. We know that we're only as good as our last case.

read more › The criminal defense investigators at have developed critical information which has enabled persons charged with all manner of criminal activity from murder to operating under the influence, to successfully defend themselves. The best criminal defense attorneys rely on savvy, skilled, investigators to uncover facts which uncover reasonable doubt. Our case files are full of matters where critical, unnamed witness were located or where the prosecutions' main witness recanted or had their credibility impeached as a result of information unearthed by the investigators at

read more › is in the business of locating witnesses to all types of events. We utilize a network of data sources to supply us with information which is instrumental in generating leads. We have been retained to locate witnesses who have made a difference in large civil cases, serious criminal matters, or a single car accident. We understand that the witness in your case is most important to you regardless of the type of event they have witnessed.

read more › Conducting an investigation upon a loved one to ascertain their fidelity, or upon a soon-to-be former spouse to locate assets or document unfitness for custody, is perhaps one of the most painful decisions a person can make. We at understand and appreciate this. We have conducted hundreds of these types of investigations, and are only too familiar with the pain, doubt, and questions that come with such an investigation. We know that our clients need accurate, documented, and often photographic evidence, not only for current legal action but also for future peace of mind.

read more › Thousands of civil matters are brought to court every year. The investigators at have been retained to investigate some of the largest, most complicated cases in the country. We have worked for both plaintiff counsel and defendants in lead paint cases, asbestos litigation, hazardous waste disposal matters, and countless slip and falls. The investigators at can photograph a scene, locate responsible parties, interview witnesses, and perform many other tasks to facilitate the civil litigation process.

read more › The investigators at have conducted thousands of insurance investigations for the worlds largest insurance companies. Through the years our investigators have uncovered millions of dollars in fraudulent insurance claims. We have also helped countless plaintiff attorneys obtain substantial monetary settlements by locating a crucial witness, obtaining a difficult statement or uncovering a key piece of evidence. Several of our insurance surveillance investigations have resulted in criminal prosecutions in federal, state, and local courts.

read more › Attorneys are all present for the deposition of a key witness. The stenographer is in place, the conference room has been booked, but the deponent is no show. The cost associated with your civil suit has just risen dramatically. Nothing will frustrate the legal process faster than bad process service. is expert at in hand process service. We insure that your witness has been served properly, in accordance with all applicable state and local laws and rules of service of process.

read more › In today's world electronic eavesdropping can be put into effect by purchasing gadgets from all types of unscrupulous dealers. Your telephone can easily be tapped, your movements watched by small hidden cameras, and your personal security compromised in all manner of electronic monitoring. The investigators at have provided peace of mind to many clients who have felt that they were being spied upon. We possess the knowledge and equipment necessary to detect microphones, cameras, and telephone taps.

read more › If you own a business with a cash register and you can't be there all the time we can help you protect your business assets. The investigators at have been performing shopping services, bar spots and complete hotel evaluations for some of the nations most respected retail stores and hotel chains. We have also designed and implemented total evaluations of services looking at value, courtesy, competence, honesty and integrity. The cashiers, bartenders, housekeeping staff, and management team of large facilities to Mom and Pop stores have benefited from our services.

read more › Often times the thrill of victory in a civil lawsuit is quickly replaced with the agony of the realization that now you have to collect. Your adversary in civil court had months to move and hide assets. The investigators at have aided our clients in the recovery of millions of dollars in civil judgments. Our investigators have the experience and talent to utilize all of the resources at their disposal. These resources include a network of data sources capable of generating leads and a talented staff capable of turning those leads into a recovered civil judgment.

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