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On The Lookout Investigations On The Lookout Investigations is a leading New Jersey private investigations firm specializing in legal and corporate investigations. As a company comprised of professional field investigators, agents and support staff, our extensive combined experience allows us to conduct thorough and efficient investigations in all cases. All cases are confidential and our wide range of services allows us to provide client-focused solutions that have come to be relied upon by hundreds of clients around the globe.

On The Lookout understands the need for discretion, particularly in regard to legal matters. Whether it is surveillance in a medical malpractice or personal injury fraud case or an asset search for a debt collection case, every case is handled with the same degree of professionalism and expertise. For your corporate investigation needs, On The Lookout offers a number of services to assist in minimizing damage of any current problems while identifying any risks that could lead to future issues.

read more › Whether you need an asset search to determine if pursuing a case is worthwhile or to make sure all assets are on the table for a debt collection case, our extensive and thorough searches will provide you with information you can depend on. We offer both business and individual asset searches, all of which can be customized to your specific needs. If you know there are only certain pieces of information you are looking for, we can work with you to create a search that meets your needs and budget.

read more › Finding assets can be a difficult task, particularly as individuals get smarter about hiding their money. Our bank searches can help locate hidden bank accounts, both in state and nationally. We'll also provide you with advice as to the permissible purposes surrounding searching for bank accounts. Our extensive experience means we know what is and what is not acceptable in the eyes of the court. Need to see if the assets you're looking for have been illegally transferred to another bank account or individual?

read more › These days there's a wealth of information just waiting on the internet to be gathered for your case. The problem law firms can face is time - time to comb through the thousands of sites where potential information may exist. In a world where a lot less is private than people think, there is plenty of information to be legally accessed and used to help your case. Headed to trial? Before voir dire our firm can research your prospective jurors' social media footprint to look for any biases or information that could impact their ability to be impartial.

read more › On The Lookout can conduct complete and thorough civil and criminal background checks and investigations, including social media searches on any individual, not only within the state of New Jersey, but also nationwide. As licensed private investigators we know what information is possible to develop and how to provide an accurate, detailed background check no matter where your subject resides.

read more › Surveillance is crucial in insurance fraud investigations and in confirming testimony in civil litigation. Our private investigators use a combination of the latest technology, most up to date information and advanced skills and techniques to deliver results in a professional manor. By using On The Lookout you can rest assured that your surveillance assignments will be handled in a confidential and discrete manner, by highly skilled and experienced investigators. Our private investigators know how to obtain surveillance footage that is permissible in court without being noticed by the subject.

read more › On The Lookout Investigations frequently works with both insurance companies and law firms on insurance defense investigations, offering a number of insurance defense services. Our investigations can provide valuable information in proving inconsistencies in the plaintiff's story. The right footage can be a valuable asset in proving an individual is not injured to the extent they are claiming. We've gathered thousands of hours of clear surveillance footage which have helped to dismiss countless cases and prove claim fraud.

read more › Gathering facts is a critical component in any investigation for both civil and criminal cases. On The Lookout's New Jersey investigators are specially trained to obtain all types of witness and case party statements. We will investigate the background of prospective witnesses to ensure reliability and can obtain tape-recorded or written statements. Our thorough witness statements can help you determine who to depose and whose testimony may be relevant to your case. Time is extremely valuable and it may not be necessary to obtain the deposition of every listed witness to an incident.

read more › A nationwide search of public filings for any bankruptcies including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and property liens such as state, county and federal liens. Returns insurance company name and address, effective dates of coverage, type of insurance and policy number if available. Generally includes licensee's name and address, licensing board or agency name, license type, license number, status and original issue date. Each search will check on military branch for any active, reserve Guard, retiree or veteran record, except the Coast Guard records that only include active duty personnel.

read more › The investigators at On The Lookout have extensive experience in missing persons cases and have helped to locate numerous individuals. We take as much information as you are able to provide and through access to databases and ground work, we can help locate a missing person. Our ability to piece together data helps to ensure the quickest results possible. Our investigators have found lost and abducted children as well located witnesses, loan defaulters and heirs to estates, relatives and old friends utilizing our skills and available resources.

read more › A comprehensive pre-employment screening can give you a better picture of the individual you are looking to hire. Potential cases of workplace violence, employee theft and corporate fraud are all reasons to conduct a pre-employment background investigation. While many issues can be avoided using a pre-employment screening, there are times when a current situation must be addressed.

read more › Employee background checks help to give you the complete information you need to make informed decisions about potential employees. Pre-employment Background Check: This search helps to further inspect a potential employee, in order to eliminate any prospects with a criminal history or other discrepancy. Through pre-employment investigations, you are able to search many aspects of future employee candidates, such as educational backgrounds, previous employers and the existence of any criminal records.

read more › Need to locate an individual? Whether it's to collect a judgment, serve a subpoena or find a witness, our skip trace services can help you find the person you're looking for. Through access to numerous databases as well as hands-on research and state-of-the-art technology, we're able to find locations for individuals. We cross check through multiple databases to get the most accurate results possible.

read more › Hiring a nanny is a task that requires confidence in making the final hiring decision. The care of a child is no small responsibility and parents should be wary when looking for a nanny. Oftentimes families rely on their "gut-instinct" but unfortunately those instincts can't always tell if an individual has a criminal record, driving offense or other records which might change your mind when it comes to trusting them with your child. Basic online background checks generally only include information from one state and only on the state level.

read more › With 85 New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania process servers in addition to affiliates in every state and associates in every country, we cover any area in the world that you may need process to be served. As part of an established national and international process service network you can be sure your services are completed anywhere at any time. Our online system easily allows you to check the status of your services, with our servers constantly entering status updates from the field to provide you with the most up to date information.

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