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Secure Investigation Secure FBI Directory is exclusively devoted to former FBI Special Agents now conducting Private Investigations, or serving as Consultants or Security Experts. The benefits are numerous. We know firsthand how invaluable a directory is when looking for a professional located in a particular geographical area with a specific specialty. There is a synergy when we unite to learn the truth and protect our clients.

This directory serves as a referral service amongst the members. Additionally, Secure FBI Directory receives inquiries and emails members when a request is made for their area or specialty. Our Team is devoted to making the Secure FBI Directory the best resource to help you conduct your business. By enrolling you will be added to and have access to a list of professionals, their locations, and specialties, making Secure FBI Directory an increasingly invaluable tool to us all.

Welcoming new members. We offer 2 memberships. Digital Only and Print and Digital. The Print Version 2022 is our 5th edition!

read more › Charlie Beaudoin has traveled to 3 continents on official business for the FBI and has established a global network of contacts to rely on. Retired Special Agent, a distinguished criminal investigator, with 28 years of service to the FBI. FBI expert interviewer investigating hundreds of cases involving environmental crime, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, antitrust, and fraud against the government. For 18 years she was an FBI forensic evidence specialist at hundreds of crime scenes of local, national, and international scope.

read more › We have teamed together to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you, our clients, whether you are an individual with discrete needs or a multi-national entity with global needs. Over the years we have carefully cultivated a network of highly-skilled professionals in the United States and abroad that can be called into action quickly and efficiently for matters requiring timely action across jurisdictions. We continue to offer our expertise because we are passionate about our work. We are the INVESTIGATION who have instinctive enthusiasm about each assignment AND we value working as collaborators with our clients.

read more › We are an INVESTIGATION and Security Services company with a global network of elite INVESTIGATION and security professionals. Our INVESTIGATION partners are comprised predominantly of Special Agents of the FBI who have years of experience from street agent to national program management. Our professionals have conducted numerous large-scale, complex INVESTIGATION; possess a thorough knowledge of the rules of evidence, laws, and decisions relating to search, seizure and arrest; and possess extensive experience in interviewing witnesses, collecting and analyzing documentary and forensic evidence and conducting surveillance and covert operations.

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