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Young's Investigative Services We have over 21 years conducting surveillance investigations. Surveillance is usually conducted for cheating spouses investigations, employee investigations, child custody investigations, fraud investigations, theft investigations, domestic investigations, civil investigations, insurance investigations, and other types of investigations. Our surveillance equipment are all high quality and high definition systems to assure that you are provided with the best quality output.

If you suspect your SPOUSE or LOVER is cheating on you, most likely you are correct. Whether you need this information for court proceedings, or just for your own peace of mind, we can help. We are experts at determining and/or revealing a person's credentials or reputation. As licensed investigators, we go to great lengths to uncover information and accurate insights using our skillful process of looking up public records, commercial records and financial records.

Since 1999, we've assisted local, state and federal authorities behind the scenes in solving over 50+ cases.

read more › We are a legal Private Investigator Miami, South Florida agency that provides surveillance and special investigations on Cheaters cases, called Infidelity. We have over 20 years conducting surveillance investigations. We handle all the cases very delicately and with great confidence. Our special investigations include cases of insurance and property fraud, background investigations, child custody, sick leave abuse, disability fraud, pre-employment screenings, casual and general liability requisition, and.

read more › Infidelity and/or Cheating is always the best kept secret until caught. Statistics show people are more likely to be cheat than remain faithful. In today's society, cellphones and/or access to the internet are the biggest options for sneaking around. For example, third-party apps give a false sense of security that what we are doing will remain a secret. Also, online dating sites are more assessable than ever before. No one deserves to be in an unfaithful relationship. So why do people do it? And while no one ever wants to face the thought that a partner or spouse has been disloyal, after all, behavior a cheating spouse investigation seems great, the only thing worse than having proof of infidelity is living with or hesitation.

read more › Every Year, Insurance fraud is the reason for over $75 million losses. Strong, systematic insurance fraud investigations can change that. If you consider that you are the injured party of insurance fraud, an experienced private investigator can help you. We know that fraud have an effect on everyone including State, Federal, and local government. By keeping that in mind, we help governmental organizations with cost savings by decreasing the amount of money spent on potentially fake claims and/or mistreatment of any funds.

read more › We specialize in obtaining background information on individuals and corporations. Our agency is known to provide the must affordable background checks in the state of Florida and with the highest and most advanced data. When you call us, you speak to a live person who will take the time to listen to you and obtain your case information. We will then consult with you on what database searches you should run in order to accomplish the objectives of your background investigation.

read more › We provide Corporate Investigations Miami, South Florida domestically and internationally as we thoroughly investigate business operations. We have a team of professionals or experts to get your corporate investigation done will make sure thorough, quality results. Our primary goal is your satisfaction as per your expectations. YIS -Private Investigators near mecan provide corporate investigations to small and large businesses, employers, franchisors, child custody, business or apartment owners, landlords, schools, government agencies, private clubs, and corporate investigations.

read more › Criminal Defense Attorneys- We gather evidence and secure witnesses for defense attorney and their defense team needs support as they put together a case to establish reasonable doubt and get an acquittal for their client. Homicide and Murder Investigation- The police are always overwhelmed with murder cases in Miami, South Florida and murder cases are time sensitive. That is when we assist in solving difficult crimes by widening theories, identifying new leads in the case, interviewing or re-interviewing witnesses, and interface with law enforcement.

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