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Track-N-Trace Investigations is a male/female team of private investigators based out of Harvest, Alabama and Oneonta, Alabama. Established in 2013, our firm has 14 years of combined experience. We participate in Operation Found Safe and the National Association for Missing and Exploited Children. Track-N-Trace Investigations is licensed to work anywhere within the state.

This includes large cities such as Huntsville and Birmingham as well as smaller towns such as Athens and Hartselle. Society thinks of characters such as Sherlock Holmes when they think of private investigators. As a matter of fact, the work which we perform is in many ways very similar to this idea. For example, our investigators build on existing evidence to strengthen a case.

After that, they follow the trail created by what they find. This effort allows them to fill in the blanks. Using this evidence, we are able to get our clients the justice they deserve. The sheriff's office is able to carry out a service. However, their workload limits them to a set number of attempts.

read more › As members of Operation Found Safe and the National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, we care deeply about the well-being of those too young to care for themselves. Our child custody investigators will work hard to collect the evidence you need. Current data suggests that at least 50 percent of marriages today end in divorce. Are you at the point where you feel that divorce is your only option? It's unfortunate, but the important thing now is to ensure that your children are given the best care possible.

read more › Process serving may seem daunting, but it is extremely important to any civil court case. Picking the right process server can be the difference between one successful serve, or multiple failed attempts. Each failure can lead to additional fees which can quickly add up. In addition, improper service can jeopardize your case in court. Alabama has strict laws and regulations regarding what a process server can and cannot do when delivering a summons. If a defendant can prove that they were not properly served, the case could be dismissed.

read more › GPS trackers are an important tool in the arsenal of a private investigator. It enables the efficient logging of an individual's location based on their driving habits. It establishes patterns in their routine which greatly simplifies skip tracing. Once bulky and expensive devices are now cheaper and easier to use in everyday applications. As a result, it is now common to track an individual's location without physically tailing them. At Track-N-Trace Investigations, we strive to provide the best GPS tracking services possible.

read more › Harvest, Alabama based Track-N-Trace Investigations is your solution for investigating a cheating spouse. Are you afraid that your spouse may be unfaithful? You are not alone. According to a 2015 study by NPR, an estimated 37 million people are active on Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to helping cheaters find their next affair. If your partner seems distant, it could be for a multitude of reasons. One of the more sinister explanations is that they have become unfaithful to you. If you find your spouse taking strange phone calls, sending text messages in the middle of the night, or going to "work" on their days off, it may be time to hire a private investigator to dig deeper.

read more › A background check can show the true intentions of a person. Whether they are a new hire, a babysitter, or a potential romantic interest, additional information can provide peace of mind. A background investigation is not just a criminal record check. Because of this, a private investigator does more than just a cursory glance. Rather, our private investigations team conducts a deeper search. This search reveals information such as credit history, criminal records, education confirmation, and driving history.

read more › A strong showing of security is key to any business in the modern era. An ideal way to do so is by hiring a team of security enforcers. A well-trained team of experts can provide not only a visual showing of security, but can back it up through their training and prior experience. Having a security guard on the premises can also help to limit losses, damages or injuries until police arrive. As Alabama grows, security services are becoming more vital than ever before. With the rapid expansion of areas such as Huntsville and Madison, it may seem overwhelming to find the type of security that best suits your businesses' needs.

read more › As Alabama grows, its need for reliable security services continues to increase. Retailers lose billions to shoplifters every year. Stolen merchandise and return fraud affects your business and your profit margins. Because of this, small businesses are especially vulnerable. Without the revenue from stolen items, your business could potentially find itself in financial trouble. Ultimately, these losses can put you out of business. In 2019, a team of shoplifters repeatedly stole from a Huntsville, Alabama beauty supply store.

read more › When you need to hire a private investigator, it can be a stressful time and many things must be considered. But have you thought about why choosing a female over a male private investigator might be a better option for you? Intelligence, determination, sensitivity, persistence. These are just a few of the personality traits that a female private investigator can bring to your investigation. So why hire a female PI for your case? In a field mainly dominated by men, females can be underestimated.

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