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Even in today's world of information overload, it is harder than ever to find crucial, accurate, and timely information when difficult situations arise. At Robert Cirtin Investigations, our private investigators take great pride in assisting you with the most up-to-date technical research and investigative techniques available. We carry nearly 30 years of solid experience delivering thorough, accurate, and complete investigative reports with uncompromising discretion.

As one of the leading private investigation firms in Missouri, Robert Cirtin Investigations provides ethical, confidential services across a wide scope of sensitive matters. Our discreet investigative methods enable us to maintain trusted professional relationships on every level. Our clients include businesses, individuals, government agencies, churches and religious organizations, insurance companies, and law firms.

read more › At Robert Cirtin Investigations, we know that difficult situations can arise at any second that may require the services of a private investigator. That remains true whether the situation is personal or it relates to your business and its employees. When these kinds of situations arise, it is essential that you have accurate, reliable, and trustworthy information to help guide your next steps. You need to be sure that the private investigation firm you select has the skills and expertise necessary to provide the information you need.

read more › Are you an individual or organization representative that requires a workplace or human resource investigation? If so, you need an investigative firm with a thorough understanding of information-gathering techniques and legal limitations. The firm you choose must also deliver accurate, unbiased results. Robert Cirtin Investigations can provide the services you need with the speed and quality that you deserve. As an employer, you may find yourself dealing with an employee or group of employees exhibiting unethical, illegal, or inappropriate behavior.

read more › If you are a business leader, church leader, or individual, there could be occasions when you need a thorough background investigation. Background investigations can be a useful tool in child custody cases, family law investigations, when hiring executives and middle managers, church pastor and staff, and that person you or a family member met on the internet. Since our agency was founded in 1991, Robert Cirtin Investigations has provided extensive background investigations across the spectrum of our community.

read more › Private investigators are often utilized by individuals who believe that their partner is engaged in infidelity, or for gathering evidence in child custody cases. Additionally, hiring a private investigator can help determine if an individual is a victim of threats, abuse, or if illegal activities are occurring. At Robert Cirtin Investigations LLC., our licensed private investigators are trained to discreetly and confidentially perform family law investigations. We work quickly to gather evidence, we understand Missouri law, and we are aware of how evidence must be collected.

read more › Fraudulent workers' compensation claims are on the rise across the nation and in Missouri. At Robert Cirtin Investigations we have developed a variety of techniques and employ the latest technology to determine if workers' compensation claims are authentic. Workers' compensation fraud occurs when a worker deliberately lies about a workplace injury to garner financial benefits from their employer. It may include lies about the severity of an injury or condition or the place where that injury occurred.

read more › Many investigations require the use of surveillance in order to fully document an individual's activities and whereabouts. At Robert Cirtin Inc., our experienced investigators use advanced surveillance techniques and technologies to gather lawful evidence that is also admissible in court. Our investigations begin with a national and statewide comprehensive database search to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about the subject. Our private investigators then utilize sophisticated surveillance technology to observe and record all of the subject's activity, both on the job and privately.

read more › If you work within a church, you understand the importance of maintaining a secure environment that promotes positive interactions and safe gatherings. Cultivating a comprehensive understanding of security is the responsibility of pastors, deacons, Sunday school teachers, staff members, and church security officials. It can ensure that your property, congregation, and reputation are secure from everyday threats. In today's world, it is imperative that you and your staff have proper safety guidance and training.

read more › We all have heard the horror stories of someone eavesdropping on private conversations, or a hidden camera inadvertently found in a home or business. The ability to place these tiny devices into everyday objects is a genuine threat to our security and privacy. These enable people to listen in on your conversations or watch your every move. Due to huge advancements in electronic devices, we are now more susceptible to these threats than ever before. Icons/ DiamondCreated with Sketch. Have circumstances caused you to think that someone has placed a GPS device on your car to keep track of your location?.

read more › The following are our most frequently asked questions by our new clients. We've listed them here with our answers to assist you in a better understanding of our Firm's work. Robert Cirtin Investigations is a general practice firm of private investigators that is well-equipped to provide any type of investigation you require. Since 1991, we have provided private, confidential investigations for organizations and individuals. If you need a private, confidential investigation to resolve personal or business issues, our broad knowledge and expertise will serve you well.

read more › If you are in need of professional investigative services, please contact Robert Cirtin Investigations. This contact is made by email to a secure server. It is a confidential and privileged communication between you and Robert Cirtin Investigations. Any information, including your name, address, telephone number, and any other information that is a part of this Contact form is secured by safety protocols and is kept in a private electronic file by our proprietary method of maintaining the privacy of our email contacts.

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