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I offer my clients decades of private investigative experience and complete confidentiality and professionalism in all of my investigations. My Private Investigation business is fully licensed, bonded and insured. I am a proud member of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators. Serving clients in Altoona, Blair County, Bedford County, Cambria County and Central Pennsylvania since 1991.

Edgar F. Linton Jr. provides exceptional private investigative services in the Altoona - Blair County area and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania. My expertise and knowledge is essential to resolving cases. If you are in need of investigative services, do not hesitate to seek my assistance when you require.

read more › Experienced Private investigators can be one of the most valuable assets for your legal preparation. Private Investigators are an excellent tool for developing additional evidence for presentation at trial. Using Private Investigators to conduct surveillance and gather additional evidence could be just what your case needs to ensure a positive result. Hearsay is generally not an admissable form of evidence, but having documentation of events by use of the latest technologies allowed by law will help your firm build better civil and family law cases for your clients.

read more › Criminal Investigations is where I got my start! With experience working in two different states for local police departments, I gained valuable experience in Law Enforcement techniques and procedures. If you or your company experience a loss at the hands of others of a criminal nature, give Edgar F. Linton, Jr., Private Investigator a call. I will work diligently to help you put together the facts of your case and present to our local law enforcement your concerns.

read more › Employers and insurance companies can fall victim to individuals who try to use the workers' compensation system for their own personal gain. Employees often learn from each other how to fraud the system. Edgar F. Linton, Jr. is able to conduct legal photographic or video surveillance of employees, interview and get statements from witnessess and help you determine the facts of your case.

read more › Edgar F. Linton, Jr. Private Investigator assists you and your Attorney in preparing your case for trial. I have been involved in preparing cases for Court since 1980. I have assisted in hundreds of cases to include Criminal, Domestic, Civil, Personal Injury and Liability. Give Edgar F. Linton, Jr., Private Investigator a call to assist with your Trial Preparation.

read more › Service of legal process to a person or business means officially notifying them of pending legal action. If the legal documents do not get delivered or served to the appropriate party the legal process fails. Whether you are a business, a law firm, or a private party involved in litigation, Edgar F. Linton, Jr. guarantees proper delivery of your legal documents.

read more › Edgar F. Linton, Jr. is an experienced Child Custody & Family Law Investigator for Blair County and Central PA. Child custody situations arise frequently and are not limited to persons in divorce situations. Un-married people and ex-couples frequently find themselves involved in bitter disputes regarding the proper arrangements and welfare of their children. Too often these child custody disagreements require legal intervention to properly resolve. Employing a Private Investigator may become necessary in order to properly document instances of child abuse or neglect, or simply to document violations of current child custody agreements.

read more › Edgar F. Linton, Jr. is an experienced Divorce Investigator providing Divorce Investigation Services to Blair County and Central PA. Know your legal rights before filing your divorce. First and fore most contact a skilled divorce or family law attorney, they have the knowledge and experience to help get you through this difficult time. A professional private investigator can also assist you in gathering information; photos and evidence that can make the divorce process go smoothly and quickly. With over 25 years of experience in Divorce and Family Law investigations, we have the knowledge and skills to assist you!

read more › Edgar F. Linton, Jr. Private Investigator can help you find the person you're looking for! Missing persons cases, or just tacking people down in today's world take a knowlegable professional. Although social media and the internet make it seem as though people are easy to locate, there are many cases which require much more skill to resolve. Edgar F. Linton, Jr. not only has access to information databases that are only available to licensed private investigators and law enforcement personnel, but also has specialized skills which assist his missing persons investigations.

read more › Edgar F. Linton, Jr. completes Background Checks in Blair County and Central Pennsylvania. Hiring a private investigator provides you with a much better option for performing complete and thorough background investigations. Licensed private investigators have access to information that most people don't know about, or may not even be able to obtain. If you need to have a backgound check completed on a subject living in the Central Pennsylvania area, contact Edgar F. Linton, Jr. Background checks may be requested and conducted in order to provide relevant information about people before hiring or contracting them for employment.

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