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Parker Investigations Thousands of cases investigated while in the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and private practice. From client requests to budgeting, billing and post-case reporting, we take care of the details. Parker's 30 years' experience as a private investigator covers a wide variety of cases, including civil investigations such as police use of force, wrongful death, criminal defense and crime scene review, civil rights complaints, as well as divorce, child custody/welfare disputes, and suspected infidelity.

For business and government clients, Parker has performed school safety planning, security assessments and disaster preparedness, executive security details, plus insurance and Medicare fraud. Working with Parker ensures your investigation will benefit from the experience and tools needed to deliver results.

read more › Thousands of cases investigated while in the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and private practice. From client requests to budgeting, billing and post-case reporting, we take care of the details. When you need evidence to secure justice, Parker Consulting & Investigations is here for you. While Parker is capable of handling virtually any investigative need, we specialize in criminal cases such as police use of force and unsolved crimes plus family matters including divorce, custody and infidelity investigations.

read more › Whether you are the victim of a crime or accused of committing one, Parker can help you find justice. Law enforcement, while committed to investigating crimes, may not have adequate time or personnel to solve the case with a result you believe to be correct. More and more individuals are turning to private investigators to augment or extend police investigations, providing persistence and follow-through that law enforcement may not be able to deliver. With 30 years experience with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Parker has the experience and training to cooperate with police or follow their work, ensuring that every lead is reviewed and no detail is left unexamined.

read more › Two percent of contacts between individuals and police result in a use-of-force complaint (2015, U.S. Department of Justice). But if you are among the 2%, it can cause feelings of helplessness and frustration, in addition to potential physical injuries. Recent public concerns about use of force have led to new regulations and monitoring, such as police dashboard and body cameras. But even with these improvements, you may have to battle layers of law enforcement bureaucracy to make your case. Parker's 30-year career with Georgia Bureau of Investigation encompassed hands-on experience with investigations of local and state law enforcement procedures, including police use of force complaints.

read more › The death of a family member, friend, or co-worker can be difficult to deal with, especially when the circumstances don't make sense. If you suspect the death was intentional or caused by negligence an investigation can provide understanding and closure, and determine if there is evidence of wrongful death. Whether for civil or criminal cases, wrongful death claims often have state-imposed filing deadlines and can be difficult to prove. It is critical to promptly establish the facts and ensure all legal options remain available.

read more › There are times when businesses and individuals are more vulnerable to threats and even physical attacks, due to employment, prominence, wealth, affiliations, or unpopular actions. Incidents can occur at a place of employment, an individual's residence, or while traveling. Parker builds security plans on a clear understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities, taking into account our client's business culture and lifestyle. With personal protection experience and training from the U.S. Secret Service, Parker is qualified to provide expert threat mitigation, personal security, or site security assessment and strategy.

read more › Critical life events such as criminal defense, divorce, child custody, or crucial business negotiations are far more difficult to navigate when you suspect the other party is not being truthful. Statement analysis is the most accurate method of determining if a person is lying. It can be employed to previous interviews and written statements, and does not require the presence or consent of the subject. This advanced technique examines the precise language used, which often discloses far more than intended.

read more › Parker also offers experienced, professional investigative support for other, less common situations including school safety consulting, Medicare fraud, patient abuse, insurance fraud, civil rights complaints, and much more. Please contact us for assistance with virtually any investigative need. Parker will develop a case strategy for your specific circumstances. Drawing from a broad array of investigative techniques and services, your case will be managed to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs.

read more › Take the first step to solve challenging problems. No matter what your investigation or security need is, you can put Parker's experience to work for you. I Agree - Information you provide to us through our Website will be used so that we may respond to your request and inquiries. We may also use the information you provide to us to communicate with you in the future. Please do not include any personal or confidential information.

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