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Act Now Investigations You deserve to work with someone you can trust, someone you can confide in and someone who will guide you through the investigative process. ACT NOW Investigations specializes in cases involving unfaithful spouses and other domestic issues. We know from experience how stressful these circumstances can be and that's why we pride ourselves on our personal service.

You deserve to work with someone who will listen and relate to your concerns. Someone you can trust and confide in. We will guide you through the investigative process. Doug is a professional, and it was clear to me and my family that he was experienced and adhered to the ethical standards of his profession. He is a hard worker and is resourceful and dogged in his determination to help his clients.

Mine was a search for my biological father, and Doug had very few facts to use. He was successful, not only in finding him but in helping to bring father and daughter together. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants a pro who won't give up on your case.

read more › Act Now Investigations offers a full line of investigative services to professional and private clients including, but not limited to, locating, investigating and/or researching a wide range of cases, from infidelity and missing persons, to domestic issues. Think of us as your personal Investigative Advisors. We understand what it takes to earn trust and that's why we go to great lengths to earn yours in order to get to the heart of your issue and bring about resolution to your specific case. We understand your position and will guide you through the entire investigative process.

read more › Act Now Investigations understands the stress and uncertainty you feel when you don't know the circumstances behind the loss of a family member or friend or the anxiety you feel when you suspect a partner of infidelity. Our private investigators are committed to lending the support you need. We are here to help lessen the pain and heartache that is a result of your loss or suspicions. Your personal concern and peace of mind is at the heart of our efforts as we work with you to overcome the obstacles associated with revealing the truth.

read more › You may have cause to suspect a spouse or partner of infidelity for a number of reasons. Act Now infidelity investigations will first learn why you suspect the behavior. We will then build a case by executing a domestic surveillance plan and gather evidence based on your need to know for personal (peace of mind) or legal (divorce) reasons. Our state of the art techniques include photography and/or video surveillance and undercover operations. Most importantly, our process is entirely legal. Act Now Investigations is a licensed, bonded and insured Kansas City Private Investigator firm.

read more › You may call upon Act Now Investigations to assist in personal matters involving a spouse, child, boyfriend or girlfriend. We tailor our service to your specific circumstance and act as your personal investigative advisor. Are you being verbally threatened? Is your partner physically or emotional abusive? Are there issues of mistrust or do you feel your partner is misleading you? Our expertise is built on an ability to professionally guide you through the investigative process. You need a partner you can trust and confide in.

read more › There is no greater feeling of uncertainty than the loss of a loved one through uncertain means. Act Now Investigations will stand by you and work with you in tracing the steps that led up to the disappearance, then leave no stone unturned as we seek to learn the whereabouts of the individual. Our record speaks for itself. For 30+ years, Act Now Investigations Kansas Cityhas worked with hundreds of families and individuals who have benefited from our knowledge and expertise in cases involving a missing child, family member or friend.

read more › Kansas City Private Investigators, Act Now Investigations uses a variety of resources to discover and explore the circumstances surrounding your case. It all begins with you. Contact Us using our online form or Phone us to discuss your case. Once we reach an agreement, a formal contract will be drawn up outlining our reasonable pricing terms, the conditions of the service, and your anticipated results. As we move forward, you will be advised of our progress each step of the way. You may elect to continue or cancel the service at any time.

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