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Looking for a Private Investigator? Owner and Lead Investigator Jim Blackburn and his Agents offer FREE Consultations to all potential Clients. We have over 35 years of Excellent Discreet Reliable Service covering NW Florida from the panhandle to Tallahassee and Apalachicola. Call or email your questions directly to Detective Blackburn. E-mail us at for a Free Price Quote!

Or Call 850-376-5283 and we can answer all your questions! We are a Full Service Agency including Surveillance, Child Custody, Location of old friends or missing people, Criminal or Asset Background Checks. Whatever your needs are, give us a call and we will do our best to provide the answers to all your questions! We Run Pre-Employment Checks for any Business.

Do you think your Lover is Cheating? We can Show you the Truth. Need Security or Body Guard services? Give us a call. Since Destin Investigations specialize in infidelity or cheating spouse investigation, we can provide a professional, confidential and experienced service while investigating your suspicions.

read more › Since Destin Investigations specialize in Infidelity or Cheating Spouse Investigation, we can provide a professional, confidential, and experienced service while investigating your suspicions. Give us a call for a free confidential consultation. We understand your needs during this very difficult time, and can provide you with the information you seek to gain the peace of mind of knowing the real truth. We have a team of private investigators able to track down and find out the truth where ever it may lead.

read more › Destin Investigations specializes in child custody cases. When there is a divorce with minor children involved, it is highly important to consider the factors for determining where a child should reside. At Destin Investigations, we understand the importance of getting all the evidence to substantiate our clients case to the court. Our experienced team of investigators will work endlessly to provide our clients with critical and informative evidence to assist in any domestic matter. Often times, the care, custody, and control of the children are the central issues in divorce settlements.

read more › When you need a background check, don't rely on what can be found with online websites. For accurate, up-to-date information, give us a call. We will provide you with a complete, full, and accurate report. When you are making important decisions about the welfare of your loved ones, before allowing someone into your home, you will want to ensure yourself that you have done the best job possible checking the person out. We can assist you in making these very important decisions and mitigating risks.

read more › For many years, personal injury attorneys and divorce attorneys have conducted Asset Searches to satisfy their due diligence responsibilities in determining the assets and liabilities of a defendant or potential defendant, either in a divorce suit or some accident or other tort. Attorneys are aware that the insurance policy may not be sufficient to satisfy all the damages that their client may sustain, or that the divorcing client may be entitled to. The attorney's failure to properly advise his client of the possibility of an Asset Search may be grounds for malpractice.

read more › Months or even years can go by after an original incident, when new evidence may be brought to light. This will cause the opening of what is known as a Cold case. One of the biggest challenges is that over time, evidence and/or witnesses disappear. This can make it very difficult for an investigator to solve the case. An investigator who is experienced in cold cases may be able to shed new light on a cold case by applying new techniques or scientific information which may increase the likelihood of solving these cases.

read more › If you need help to resolve any type of commercial dispute, from discrimination claims, non-compete agreement violations, abuses of trust, employer/employee disputes, business torts, contract disputes, or agreements limiting competition, Destin Investigations represents businesses and their counsel to resolve these matters. When banks need to conduct asset searches for the process of foreclosing on real estate property, or someone needs protection on trademarks. Destin Investigators can help. We can interview witnesses and secure documents to dispute discrimination or lost income claims.

read more › 24-hr notice is usually plenty of time. It's often possible to start a case immediately. Weekends are the busiest times and may require additional advance notice. We first need to gather all the facts and authorization forms before we can initialize the investigation. Provide us with a physical description and/or photo of the subject; Addresses; vehicle information; time and place to start, plus the reason for the surveillance. Our trained licensed Investigators will obtain courtroom quality video evidence of all pertinent activities and back it up with experience and credibility.

read more › 1. AGENCY shall provide client with investigative services which may result in: written reports, recorded statements, documents, photographic, video, audio, and related materials, as set for by the terms and conditions below. CLIENT agrees that all reports will be submitted and received subject to the conditions of this Agreement. 2. Reports can be delivered via US Mail, faxed upon consent from CLIENT, hand delivered, e-mailed or delivered telephonically. CLIENT requests a written report ___________YES ____________NO.

read more › Pricing will be determined by the scope of the work to be done on your unique situation. We will sit down with you on a FREE CONSULTATION to explore your situation and your desired end result. We will lay out a plan of attack to help you accomplish your goals, and a price will be determined once we have a full understanding of the project. We offer a wide variety of services to Companies, The Legal Profession, Fellow Investigators, and The General Public in NW Florida from the panhandle of Florida to Tallahassee and Apalachicola.

read more › We are licensed private investigators providing lawyers and law firms with professional investigative services throughout Florida. As Former Federal Agents & Criminal Investigators with over 35 years of investigative experience acquiring critical information and delivering outstanding results has earned our agency the recognition and respect of our clients and peers around the world. We have conducted investigations ranging from witness interviews & locates, murder/homicide, fraud, child custody, cheating spouse/divorce, missing persons, undercover surveillance and many other types of investigations.

read more › Our surveillance investigations are 100% confidential. We do everything necessary to insure the covert nature of the investigation. If we ever perceive that the security of the investigation is threatened, we back off and re-evaluate with your input. One important point: Never threaten to hire an investigator. This will make the suspectedcheater even more difficult to watch. If you have done this, be sure to tell us ahead of time so we can prepare.

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