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Are you in need of running a background check to determine the validity of someone's character? Do you feel things just don't add up or that different answers are supplied then previously noted? MM&A members conduct hundreds of background checks every year to help people understand who they're dealing with. With factual information, you can make an informed decision if it's the person you want to have a relationship, friendship or engage in a business deal.

Do you have a need to conduct surveillance? Do you live in one location but need surveillance in some other part of the state or region? MM&A members offers covert observation and mobile surveillance services throughout the United States. So whether you need to document a cheating spouse or the movements and intent of an employee, we can help you get the evidence needed.

Experience you can count on, knowledge and resources you can trust. Finding people is our specialty, even if they don't want to be found. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you conduct a locate investigation to find the person.

read more › Apply now and start receiving investigations in your geographical area. We are always looking for experienced, licensed (where applicable**) investigators to handle a wide range of surveillance and investigation assignments throughout the country. If you have an investigative background in law enforcement, insurance fraud, workers comp or other areas of expertise, we encouraged you to apply. Are experienced in conducting deep web research, open source intelligence or financial investigations. Remote Research involves cases such as online and/or database research for background searches, social media dives, etc, or other remote services such as computer forensics.

read more › When you have very little information to go on to find your missing relative; sibling, parents etc., your first step should be to join as many DNA banks as possible. This will allow you to find matches, which will potentially lead you to the source you need to solve the equation. Below is a list of DNA banks that can possibly provide you with matching DNA. It's our opinion, that you should join as many as you can afford so that you cover a wide spectrum. Remember, most people will only join one or two banks in hopes of finding that match.

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