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Our goal is to locate your loved one. We specialize in locating Missing & Exploited Children, Runaways, Stolen Children/Adults, Parental Child Abductions, Kidnappings, Sex Trafficking, Cult Infiltrations/Rescue and Child Pornography. We have worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to recover children in South America. Your child is most vulnerable to abduction when your relationship with the other parent is broken or troubled.

The vulnerability is magnified if the other parent has close family in or other ties with another country. Learn more about Parental Child Abduction Recovery, Runaways and Sex Trafficking and how Eye Investigate can recover Abducted Children, Runaways and Sex Trafficking Victims. The focus of an Asset investigations is uncovering an individual or company's financial structure.

Depending on why you need an asset check, the investigation can include a basic background check, a computer investigation, surveillance work, or a financial or business background check.

read more › Monique Lessan is a multi-lingual licensed private investigator with over 10 years of experience. She has completed her studies in Criminal Justice and received her Bachelor degree in 1993 and later her Masters in Forensic Science. Monique Lessan has conducted many extensive international investigations in recovery of abducted children and runaways worldwide, locating missing persons, sex trafficking cases, infidelity, undercover sting operations, criminal defense investigations and surveillance.

read more › Eye Investigate was founded by Licensed Private Investigator Monique Lessan in 1993. We have grown into the successful firm that we are today, located in Healdsburg California. We have focused our vision on doing what is best for our customers by providing excellence and quality service with personal touch. Monique Lessan can conduct all cases in four languages: Farsi, Spanish, French or English. We are also able to conduct all of our services in Mexico. Our company provides a wide-range of investigative and verification services, marriage and divorce investigations, child custody battles and infidelity.

read more › We conduct a complete and thorough investigation for a person who is reported to law enforcement authorities and is classified as missing. Our investigators are skilled at finding elusive individuals. Eye Investigate becomes involved for many reasons in the cases of missing and abducted children. It is an unfortunate truth that local law enforcements are reluctant or unable to assist families of missing kids. This is why such a large number of non-profit organizations and investigation agencies specializing in recovery of missing children have begun forming in the last two decades.

read more › Monique Lessan has worked as a contract interpreter for the Homeland Security Ice Immigration on Counter-terrorism cases and has been a candidate for the FBI as a Farsi speaking Linguist Specialist. Monique has also conducted years of French to English translations for companies and law firms located in US and in France. She also translated French to English counter-terrorism documents for a company in Paris. We provide top quality services for a significant number of Major Corporations, Law Firms and Governmental Agencies.

read more › In October of 2017, my one year old son was abducted by his mother, an illegal alien, back to her home country. Leading up to this devastating event, the mother threatened to take my son far away from me and that I would never see him again. Among many abuses I suffered at the hands of the mother, taking my son was the ultimate heartbreaking phenomenon. After many attempts by local law enforcement and private investigators in New York City, we still had no clue as to where my son had been taken.

read more › Eye Investigate International headquarters are located in Healdsburg, California, in the county of Sonoma. We cover the entire Sonoma, Napa and Marin county, San Francisco, Sacramento, North and South Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. We have contacts in every state and in most countries. Our international contacts include Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, France, England, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and most of South America and more. Eye Investigate is an international company and therefore we would be able to assist you regardless of where your case is located.

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