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Griffing & Associates NEED a feeling of Security, WANT to know if your Instincts are right, HAVE to find that special person, or MUST screen some employees? Griffing Investigations can give you the solution to all of your investigative services or security needs! Contact us to ensure that Griffing Investigation's has the best investigator profile for your needs!

Our licensed private investigators and personal security officers have all of the tools necessary to do a detailed search, find that person, survey your surroundings, and protect your person.Griffing & Associates Private Investigation is all about YOUR protection! Contact us today! For over 20 years, Pat has been educating himself in security and investigation techniques.

Consultant to law firms and businesses regarding investigations, criminal and family law investigations, asset searches and security, use of force, personal security, background investigations and interview techniques and locating missing personal. Instructor at police academies, colleges and universities in self-protection methods and use of force.

read more › Court systems have always placed more credibility on eye-witness and expert witness testimonies. While documents, pictures and even video recordings can provide some perspectives into the facts of a case, there is nothing that can prove more incriminating or exonerating than the testimony of someone who was there at the time an incident took place. If you are looking for someone you can trust, in a time of crisis, Call Griffing Investigations!

read more › Griffing Investigations is here for you. If you've received a judgment concerning a former partner, spouse, tenant, etc., we know how to handle it! The debtor might try to escape paying his or her debt by moving, changing addresses and phone numbers, quitting his or her job, or telling the court that he or she does not have the funds available to pay the amount owed. Griffing & Associates can investigate all aspects of a debtors' assets and employment to discover where they work, how much they earn, what kinds of money they actually have access to, what type of physical assets they own or have recently divested themselves of and provide the proof you need to show the court it has been defrauded by the debtor.

read more › A background check is a great way to protect yourself whether they be personal and/or professional. These reports can help identify individuals that can hurt you, your loved ones or destroy the interests of your company. Before you decide to hire a new employee for your business, a contractor to do work around your house or business, a daycare provider or care giver, call Griffing & Associates. Protect yourself, before allowing that stranger access to your home, business or personal life. Without a proper background check, for that new person, it could cost you far more than money.

read more › Court records are public information, but that doesn't mean they're always available to the general public. When you need accurate information regarding an individual or company's legal history, our licensed professional investigators can ensure that you receive the necessary information quickly and accurately with a record search. Griffing & Associates will deal with the obstacles of uninformed employees and uncooperative government agencies for you. Our team of professionals will provide the information you need and ensure that all documentation is certified and/or notarized where applicable.

read more › After being convicted of a crime, "What comes next?" After hiring a great attorney, you'll need Griffing & Associates Private Investigation and Security. You'll need the best Texas Criminal Defense Investigators available to assist your attorney in the preparation of your defense. You need someone on your side; someone who can prove what happened. Too often, cases are taken to court without the benefit of a proper defense investigation. The results are often disastrous and innocent people are sent to jail.

read more › Employment screening is a process of investigating every aspect of an individual's past to find out any hidden information, histories (criminal, civil or non-reported) or to uncover any fraudulent representations of the candidate. This includes checking as many aspects of a person's background as possible, to verify the validity of their training, experience, references and past actions. Griffing & Associates can assist in Pre-screening, interviewing and giving polygraph examinations of potential candidates, existing employees or vendors.

read more › Griffing & Associates is here to assist corporations, small business owners and individuals when they suspect fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets. Griffing & Associates helps to determine the existence, nature and extent of the fraud. We also work with clients to identify the perpetrator and, where possible, recover the loss. When efforts have been made to conceal evidence, members of our forensic technology team recover and process the digital evidence using sophisticated software.

read more › When someone you know has gone missing, the resources available to assist you in locating that individual are very limited. Most people rely on the local or State agencies that are overburdened and understaffed to take their case and hope it receives priority. Tragically, this is often not the case. Griffing & Associates are experienced in Missing Persons cases and will work tirelessly to ensure that your case receives the time and attention that it deserves. As Licensed Investigators, we are not limited to the same restrictions that often hinder police agencies and prevent them from being successful in their investigations.

read more › Documentation of a scene is crucial but is often overlooked in personal injury cases. Our team of professionals realize the importance of this step and move quickly to preserve evidence before it disappears. Our investigation and scene documentation will provide a time capsule of information that may be useful in assisting you in establishing third party responsibility or information that was not disclosed by the injured parties. This information can be passed to equipment experts, medical professionals, adjusters and so on.

read more › Griffing and Associates Private Investigation & Security provides the highest quality of personal protection. For over two decades we have provided personal security for people from all walks of life. Corporate Executive Protection, Corporation Staff Personnel Protection, Individual Personal Protection, Violence in the Work Place, Escort Protection, Celebrity Protection, Protection to and from court house. Griffing and Associates provides consultation to implement security procedures at home, work, and in a public setting, in the event of a security threat.

read more › Being the victim of infidelity is never easy, but if you suspect your partner is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. Griffing & Associates can obtain the proof you need to move forward with your life and protect yourself from an unfaithful partner. Some common suspicious behaviors amongst cheaters are excessive or secretive computer use, hiding of cell phone and personal finances, working uncharacteristically late or going on business trips at the last minute, lack of, or a sudden increase in sexual appetite, abnormal activity on the home phone like hang ups when you answer or hang-ups after a specific number of rings, or your partner claiming that a wedding ring has been lost or stolen.

read more › Griffing & Associates provides Witness Location and Statement Gathering for different types of court cases. With over 20 years experience with Civil and Criminal investigations our Licensed Professionals are able to locate and obtain the information you require for your court case. However, witnesses are not legally compelled to testify unless they are forcibly subpoenaed by the court. In such instances, a private investigator may have strategies and information that can help locate a witness and compel them to share what they know about the case.

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