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Here at AISS, you will find the tools necessary to complete your investigative objective. Whether it be determining which candidate is best suited to be employed by your company, domestic investigations, employee theft, locating missing persons, or general investigations, AISS can fulfill your needs. Check out our TRAINING section for more information on helpful investigative tools and resources.

AISS as a licensed Investigation and Detective Agency, has access to literally millions of records, in both nationwide and Texas-specific databases. We also utilize a nationwide network of on-call investigators and court house researchers to HAND SEARCH records at the county levels when needed. If you aren't sure what type of search you need, feel free to CALL us at 281-397-9535 for a quick case consultation.

No office visit necessary. We can discuss your case via phone, email, or text. The owner of AISS, Scott Baldwin, has over 27 years of investigative experience and has been a licensed Private Investigator in Texas since 1997.

read more › Surveillance on custodial or non custodial parents to see if they are abiding by court orders, drinking, sleep overs, Girlfriend/Boyfriend visits, hanging out with criminals. Criminal / Civil / Social Networking / Nationwide Access. We find what the Internet searches miss. If it was filed, we can find it. Identify Stalkers and Harassers / Facebook Investigations / Real name/location behind email, websites. Phone Record Research. Cellular number research / name to number / number to name. Guide to Cheating Spouse Investigations / Guide to Harris County Criminal Records (without leaving your house).

read more › Since 1998 A.I.S.S. has been performing surveillance anywhere in Houston, Spring Tx and surrounding Counties and contract affiliates in any city or state throughout the U.S. During surveillance, many different types of investigative equipment can be utilized including night vision capable cameras, digital camcorders, wired/wireless pinhole cameras, and body worn covert equipment. By watching a Subject, it can often be determined whether or not that person is committing adultery, dealing drugs, not completing sales calls, or endangering their children; the possibilities are endless.

read more › Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigations - Houston Cheating Spouse / Infidelity Investigations since 1998 | When conducting Cheating Spouse Investigations, A.I.S.S. often finds ourselves performing Surveillance, Lover Identification, Reverse Cell #, Email and Social Media Investigations. Is your spouse or significant other cheating on you? If you are having doubts, instead of trying to figure it out on your own, (and risk getting caught), it's always better to hire a professional. Often we can find out what's going on in just a few days.

read more › Normally when a crime is committed, the first people called are the Police. Unfortunately, in Harris county (Houston), the Police have an extremely large case load. We recommend that when you are the victim of a crime, always notify the Police and make sure a report is generated, as this starts the paper trail. Ask if the case will be assigned to an investigator and how long that process will take. You may find that either your case will be handled by the uniformed officer, or it may take weeks or months (if at all) to be assigned to an actual Investigator.

read more › Criminal Defense Investigations -A Criminal Defense Investigator is a crucial part of any Criminal Defense. Private Investigators can be assigned to cases as both a retained Investigator or as a court appointed Investigator (along with a court appointed attorney). A Private Investigator can often go over a case and find new leads, find and interview witnesses that the Police never knew about, discover evidence, etc. It is always best to have a Private Investigator assigned to the case as soon as possible so that leads don't go cold, witnesses forget facts or move away, or the possibility that evidence might be somehow destroyed.

read more › In this day and age of technology, land lines are becoming a thing of the past. Most people now have cellular numbers that they "port" or take with them when changing cellular providers. There are also plenty of options for Pre-Paid phones, Google Voice numbers, virtual numbers, VOIP systems, etc. It can very difficult now to identify who owns a cellular number and sometimes almost impossible to lock down the location of that phone. Every situation is different, so if you are having a hard time figuring out who owns that number, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

read more › Pre-Employment Screening Investigations since 1998 - Houston PreEmployment and Employee Screening | Employee Background Checks are an invaluable tool that can keep you and your company out of the courtroom. Online submission and retrieval. Nationwide. Fast Turnaround Time. Know who you are hiring. When done correctly and legally this is a tool that will also make sure you hire the most qualified applicant to become part of your team. We can custom build a Pre-Employment Screening Package for you to meet your company's specific hiring needs.

read more › Background Investigations - Houston Background Checks (Criminal, Civil, Marriage, Divorce, Identity Verification since 1998) are the cornerstone of any Private Investigation Agency. If, like most people, you have access to the Internet you might be tempted to try your hand at doing your own Background Check Investigation. The first step people usually take is to "GOOGLE" someone. In some circumstances this can produce a wealth of information, but more often than not you are going to be wading through hundreds of pages of people with the same name and links that go nowhere.

read more › We can provide court records research and file copying in any jurisdiction in the United States. Some records in Harris and Montgomery county can be copied with a same day turnaround. Call for assistance. Just about anything that is filed in the county, we can obtain. As long as it is not a sealed (adoption) or confidential file (dealing with sex assault victims and/or children) we can usually obtain a copy. Fees are determined by page count (if copies made) and complexity of the order. Please call for details.

read more › These days, you can never be too safe. AISS recommends conducting a Pre Marital or Pre Dating investigation before getting involved with someone. All too often you don't find out about the skeletons in the closet until well after the marriage or commitment. It's also far too easy to be whoever you want to be when online. We recommend ALWAYS conducting a Subject Identity Verification search when meeting someone from an online forum. Quite often the name that comes back is not the name that was provided by the person in question.

read more › Missing Persons are known by many names. The ability to find or "locate" an individual is one of the things we do best. Whether they are a long lost family member or friend, a debtor, fugitive, witness, or someone you are trying to sue. So, what does a locate cost? It will really depend on how hard the person is trying to hide. If it's someone who isn't trying to hide, then a typical locate will run about $350. This usually finds about 75% of people. Normally by the time someone comes to a Private Investigator they have already run all the basic searches and tried all the basic methods themselves.

read more › AISS contracts with a local Polygraph Administrator with decades of experience and all the modern equipment. He is located off US 290 and West Road. Please call for details. Often times when Surveillance just isn't an option, another way to prove or disprove cheating/adultery is to have the person consent to a Polygraph or Lie Detector Test. For cheating spouse or infidelity, Polygraph services usually start at ~$500. Look, I'm having some trust issues with you that I just can't get past right now.

read more › The Texas CE Surveillance Course is now registered as a Continuing Education course, School Number: Y04175701. It will count as the full 18 hours (14 hours content, 2 hours ethics, 2 hours board rules) required by the PSB when renewing your Pocket Card. The Non-Texas CE Surveillance Course is now registered as a Continuing Education course, School Number: Y04175701. It will count as 16 hours (14 hours content, 2 hours ethics) required when renewing your PI Registration.

read more › Current Rate Schedule - All investigations are completely confidential and require a service agreement to be signed. All searches are paid for, in full, by means of a RETAINER before the investigation commences. Our Sales Tax Rate is 8.25% no matter where we conduct the investigation, be it Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia, Spring, Galveston, Etc. We charge the rate where our report is generated, which is Spring, Tx 77379. Although some Service Industries do not charge sales tax, Private Investigators are required to collect sales tax on ALL of our services, (including Surveillance), EXCEPT Process Service.

read more › We try to respond to all emails within one hour with at least a short note letting you know we received your contact. We will then respond in greater detail as soon as time allows. Please note, that unless we have requested an attachment from you, any unsolicited attachment to any email will be deleted without being opened or read. This means that the original email will also be deleted. This is due to the various virus and malware concerns we presently face. All voicemails are generally returned within 15-30 minutes when received during normal business hours.

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