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Drain Detective Backed up sinks, toilet clogged, shower not draining like it used to contact our skilled techs. Drain Detectives provides the very best plumbing service and affordable prices. Providing sewer and drain service to Southeast Michigan, our technicians are respectful and highly qualified. You can certainly rely on our team of qualified plumbers to tackle any task presented to them.

Whether you have a leaky water line, a pipe burst in your plumbing system, a clogged drain or any other plumbing issue our team will resolve your problem as quickly as possible. We are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide you with the very best repairs, installations, and routine maintenance. Our plumbing company regularly services Oakland, Macomb, Wayne and St. Clair Counties.

Drain Detectives is your one stop shop, should you be interested in commercial plumbing or in need of a residential plumber. We have the equipment and manpower to tackle any job, from a leaky faucet, burst pipe or clogged line to a complete sewer line or septic tank replacement.

read more › Drain Detectives is a family owned and operated plumbing company based in the city of Fraser in Macomb County, Michigan. Licensed, bonded and insured we are a full service plumbing commercial and residential plumbing company capable of accomplishing any plumbing task that you could be interested in. We regularly service Troy, Sterling Heights, Bloomfield, Grosse Pointe, Novi, Commerce, Birmingham, Royal Oak and all surrounding areas. Our team of qualified plumbers in Michigan can provide you the highest quality service, and most competitive prices in Southeast Michigan.

read more › Drain Detectives offers a wide range of plumbing services and have skilled technicians ready for you. Should you be looking for the best plumbers in Michigan, you have come to the right place. We utilize the latest plumbing technologies available today. When you hire Drain Detectives, you can rest easy knowing that your job will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Providing Southeast Michigan with affordable plumbing services is one of the driving forces behind Drain Detectives.

read more › If you are looking for a full service plumbing company that can handle any job with the highest professionalism, then you have come to the right place. Drain Detectives offers Sewer cleaning, hot water heater installation, drain cleaning/repair, sump pump installation & repair, garbage disposals, drain snaking, hydro jetting or water jetting and much more. Should you be interested in, or are in need of service for any plumbing related issue in your home or business, contact us right away. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, our plumbers are very experienced and can tackle any job that you can think of.

read more › Should you be looking for a hot water heater in Southeast Michigan, Drain Detectives have a proper solution for you. Our skilled technicians will advise you on the proper hot water heater for your unique situation. We have serviced numerous residential and commercial properties in Troy, Warren, Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Berkley, Utica, St. Clair and surrounding areas. Contact us today and rest assured we have access to any water heater that you could ever need. Technology advances every day, this is true in the field of plumbing as well.

read more › Drain Detectives is Southeast Michigan's sewer and drain jetting experts. Our licensed and insured staff is fully trained and with premium state-of-the-art Jetting equipment. Hydro-jet cleaning is a service that we specialize in. The hydro jet is a hose connected to a powerful nozzle. Hydro-jetting works by shooting high pressure streams of water (sometimes up to 35,000 psi) into the piping in order to clean out any of the debris which has accumulated over time. The nozzle is usually self-propelled, so it doesn't need to get led into the drain.

read more › Backed up sinks, toilet clogged, shower not draining like it used to? Contact the professionals at Drain Detectives for all of your drain cleaning needs. No matter the situation, or where the clogged drain is located, our technicians will be able to easily trace the main issue with your system, and have it restored properly and promptly. Many times it can be a simple fix, occasionally we have utilize our hydrojet cleaner or sometimes we might need to bring out the bigger, specialty equipment to handle the problem.

read more › Typically there is a basin in your basement, or possibly a crawlspace. This basin collects water from the perimeter drains of your basement waterproofing which funnels into the basin. Natural water drains into these basins and occasionally become overfull and needs to be pumped away. This is where your sump pump comes in and pumps the excess water away from your home or business to an area that will not give you any issue. If you notice your sump pump isn't working properly, or even worse, you have come upon a small flood in your basement, contact us immediately.

read more › Drain Detectives is a full service plumbing company with the equipment to take on any plumbing task for both residential and commercial projects. Should you need new sewer lines installed or replaced, or maybe a new septic tank installed, we have the excavation equipment to tackle on any job. Our experienced operators can excavate your property at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Should you be facing any major plumbing issue do not hesitate to contact us and we will have a technicians sent out to you as soon as possible.

read more › Basement waterproofing is one of the specialties we offer at Drain Detectives. Our locally owned plumbing company offers both exterior and/or interior waterproofing methods. Our highly qualified and licensed plumbing company will inspect the property and recommend the proper basement waterproofing solution depending on the needs of each individual job. Contact us today to get started on your commercial or residential basement waterproofing project! Being a resident of Southeast Michigan it is common knowledge that we can have some extreme temperatures, whether it be our hot summers or our below zero winters.

read more › A septic tank is a vital piece of the septic system, which is basically an underwater storage facility for waste. The professionals at Drain Detectives offer quality plumbing services at affordable rates. Should you be looking for a professional plumbing company that can maintain, repair, and clean your septic tank out you are at the right place. Each job is handled with the highest level of care and professionalism. Proper inspection is key to the condition of your septic tank. Our plumbers can diagnose and locate any issue related to your plumbing system.

read more › Occasionally the lines that drain from your home or business to the sewer system can become backed up, clogged with sludge, perhaps some roots have made their way through into some of the sewer drains. Drains and sewer pipes which have become obstructed can cause a number of issues, including contamination of groundwater and serious health hazards. It is imperative that you keep them clean and unobstructed. Drain Detectives only use the highest quality equipment in the industry. A Sewer snake is a more common tool used to clear out drains running to your sewer.

read more › Our professional plumbers can install, repair, or replace any water line that may be causing your problems. The most common water lines in today's home is copper pipe. The technicians at Drain Detectives are very skilled in just about any area of plumbing that you could think of. Our plumbers can work with any type of water line that you have, or may be interested in acquiring. PEX plumbing is becoming more and more popular, this type of piping is very reliable and will never corrode. PEX is also less likely to burst in case of exposure to below freezing temperatures.

read more › Water leaks of any kind can be pinpointed and taken care of by the skilled plumbers at Drain Detectives. Providing Southeast Michigan with affordable plumbing services, and the highest quality craftsmanship. Should you be faced with a minor leak, or come upon a full out flooded area in your home or business call us immediately before any additional damage occurs. A dripping faucet can end up costing you a great deal extra on your water bill. Even a few drops a minute can certainly add up if not handled promptly.

read more › A garbage disposal is a simple device that is essential to any modern kitchen. Simply having a garbage disposal in your kitchen can save you from having a clogged drain. Your garbage disposal is a very dangerous device and can remove a finger in the blink of an eye. Never stick metal items into the disposal while it is operating, if you should ever need to physically inspect the garbage disposal it is always wise to disable the power to the switch at the electrical panel. Making certain the disposal doesn't run when you flip the switch will ensure it is safe to get a bit closer to the blades and see if something is obstructing it.

read more › The trained professionals at Drain Detectives have a wide area of knowledge for any plumbing job. When it comes to faucet repair and installation, there is no other plumbing company that you would want to perform your faucet repair or installation. Bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, shower faucet, bathtub faucet, or any type of faucet that you could think of is a simple task handled by any of our skilled plumbers. Faucet repair and installation is a common task for our team of plumbing professionals.

read more › Should you be faced with a toilet problem, fear not, we have skilled plumbers available for you. As with many jobs our plumbers perform, many of them are quite common. Toilet repair, and installation is a simple task for any of our qualified plumbers. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and the highest quality craftsmanship. If you have a toilet running nonstop, or making an odd noise of any kind, we can have somebody come out and solve your problem quickly and affordably. The technicians at Drain Detectives can perform a toilet repair for any situation, whether the insides need replacing, leaking, not flushing like it used to, blocked drainage, water line installation and anything in between.

read more › Homeowners across metro-Detroit trust Drain Detectives for all their plumbing projects. Our customer service and quality craftsmanship is unparalleled in the plumbing industry. Our team of qualified plumbers have the experience and know how to accomplish any task you present to them. We encourage you to check out our reviews online. We proudly service Wayne, St. Clair, Oakland and Macomb County as there is no job too big or small for Drain Detectives. Our skilled and licensed plumbers will always explain everything in a very understandable manner, provide up front, transparent pricing and not try to complicate you with technical jargon.

read more › Drain Detectives has the manpower, and wide range of equipment needed to tackle any plumbing job. There are many plumbing companies out there, but Drain Detectives is a full service plumbing company. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority no matter what type of job you might have for us. The professional plumbers at Drain Detectives can give you high quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. Our skilled plumbers have experience in a wide range of commercial plumbing needs. Should you have any questions or concerns contact us immediately and we will answer them to the best of our ability.

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