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We are a licensed, bonded and insured private investigator firm headquartered in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. We conduct professional investigations and surveillance of all kinds for attorneys & law firms, insurance companies, corporate clients and private citizens throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Maryland. Regardless of the case, Erskine Investigative Services knows how to think "outside the box" to gather the hard data you need to eliminate doubt, make smart choices and achieve your objective.

read more › Regardless of who you are or what your circumstances, everyone who thinks of contacting a private investigator all have the same thing in common: you're involved in an uncertain, confusing and oftentimes stressful situation you can't figure out on your own. Maybe you suspect your spouse of having an affair. You might have an employee who may be stealing from your company. Or you're an attorney who needs hard facts about a child's living conditions for a difficult child custody case. Look to Erskine Investigative Services to understand your objectives, appreciate your concerns and have the experience and professionalism to uncover the facts and information you need to achieve your goals.

read more › Erskine Investigative Services works extensively with attorneys and law firms on all types of criminal and civil cases. We have an expert understanding of the evidence you need to build a successful case, and how important it is to be able to present that evidence in a clear, concise and compelling manner. You can count on us to have the experience and acumen to partner with you to compile the evidence you need in the most persuasive manner possible.

read more › Erskine Investigative Services utilizes its extensive experience and expertise in surveillance to bear when hired to investigate suspected cases of worker's compensation fraud, or other insurance fraud situations. We work extensively with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, attorneys and law enforcement to provide tangible results to every investigation.

read more › Erskine Investigative Services removes stress, doubt and uncertainty by providing you with clear, unambiguous facts and evidence. We supply answers to the nagging questions you have, and let you make decisions with confidence. Hiring a private investigator greatly increases your chances of winning a child custody case, and helps you settle on your terms. We can also check whether your ex-spouse is fulfilling the terms of any child custody agreement already in place, and ensure your child is not at risk for abuse or neglect.

read more › Erskine Investigative Services is a professionally licensed, private investigation company that covers the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. We offer a wide range of professional investigative services to insurance companies, attorneys, businesses, and private individuals. We specialize in insurance fraud and domestic-type investigations. Other specialties include background checks, statements and scene diagrams. We are considered experts in surveillance. Our Vision at Erskine Investigative Services is that we think outside the box.

read more › Whether its insurance fraud, a cheating spouse or a child custody battle, Erskine Investigative Services has the experience and tools to uncover the truth and gather the hard data you need to build your case and achieve your objectives. We are experts at all types of surveillance. Our equipment, procedures and techniques allow us to operate in any environment, under any conditions. Our staff is professionally trained by the owner, and have extensive backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and criminal justice.

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