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Millennium Investigations, Inc. received "The Best of 2016, 2017 & 2018 Excellence Reward" from the "Daily Report" for private investigation excellence. When a commercial or domestic investigation is needed, rely on an experienced investigative firm that many law firms and insurance companies have come to trust. With over twenty years of experience, the team at Millennium Investigations, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to provide you thorough and accurate results.

Our work product provides indisputable evidence to help resolve your matter quickly and stands up in a court of law. Millennium Investigations is an investigative firm in Douglasville, Georgia, licensed and insured to work throughout the state, including Metro Atlanta. We provide insurance investigations, attorney services, service of process and domestic investigations.

We provide a myriad of comprehensive confidential investigative services including covert surveillance for workers compensation, disability and liability claims, fraud investigations, asset searches, skip tracing, and process service.

read more › Learn the truth about an individual who claims a debilitating injury has altered his or her life. Millennium Investigations gets results you can take into the courtroom. Find out if someone is misrepresenting the facts or making false claims. We use methods appropriate to individual cases to determine if a complainant has manufactured or exaggerated his or her injuries, has unreported income from a second job, or is simply a malingerer. Let us report to you reliable and updated information on a complainant's health status and current activities, including full or part-time employment held since the date of loss.

read more › Locate Services develop the most current address for an individual found in Database search for purposes of service of process, to find a key witness, collect on an awarded judgment, or various other needs. Millennium Investigations specializes in Skip Trace and difficult Process Serves. Special Process Service by a Certified Special Process Server and Licensed PI is typically needed when time is of the essence and the Sheriff or other Private Process Server has been unable to locate and serve.

read more › Let Millennium Investigations, Inc. provide you with results you can use from field investigations and information gathering. We are skilled at interviewing and collecting case details. Professionally prepared reports are submited in a timely fashion. Rest assured we have your best interests in mind when we begin our work. The key to a successful field investigation is in identifying the exact mission or purpose of your investigation, formulating a game plan, and then effectively and efficiently implementing the appropriate strategy.

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