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Paloma Investigative Services Paloma Investigative Services conducts investigations throughout the States of California and Nevada. We are the leader in private investigations in the corporate world, government entities and individuals. Our investigative services include, but are not limited to Corporate Investigations, Human Resource Investigations and Training, Criminal Defense Investigations- Law Enforcement & Government Support Only, Cyber Investigations, Civil Litigation Support, Missing Persons and Asset locates.

Our mission is to always adhere to moral and ethical principles; be available whenever and wherever we are needed, and not quit until the job is finished. Your case is in good hands when you rely on our experienced investigators.

read more › Paloma Investigative Services was founded by Troy Castillo. Troy is a 29 year veteran (retired) of the Palm Springs Police Department, California and a 4 year veteran of the United States Air Force. He retired from the United States Air Force Reserves after 24 years of service. While at the Palm Springs Police Department, nearly 1/3rd of his career was as a Detective, handling violent crimes such as Homicides, Domestic Violence, Adult Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Missing Persons and Fraud.

read more › Our investigators have the ability to locate assets prior to a decision to litigate or after litigation to enforce a judgment. We use the most technologically advanced databases available to investigators. Asset locate investigations can be used to locate hidden assets of an estranged spouse or someone you are seeking a judgment against. One of the most important things to know is the history of the person that you are going to be doing business with, a new employee, roommate, or significant other.

read more › Executive Protection, most commonly called Body Guard services, is the protection of persons and property by properly trained individuals. At Paloma Investigative Services, we provide these services to our clients under the umbrella of Paloma Security Alliance (PPO license # 17632). Our security officers stay updated on the latest laws effecting the Executive Protection industry, so that we can provide the best protection for our clients. One of the newly enacted laws in California is 40008 of the California Vehicle Code, which "prohibits the act to interfere with the driver of a vehicle, to willfully follow another vehicle too closely, or commit reckless driving in pursuit of any visual image, sound recording or other physical impression of another person for a commercial purpose".

read more › Our experienced investigators conduct litigation support for law firms, general counsel, legal departments and corporations. We have the know-how and experience to quickly locate and interview potential witnesses in time-sensitive litigation situations such as depositions, opposing expert witnesses and cross-examinations. An in-depth background investigation can be completed on all witnesses for trial preparations. Our investigators have the ability to locate assets prior to a decision to litigate or after litigation to enforce a judgment.

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