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Safe Harbor Investigations is an exclusive private detective agency serving metro-Atlanta and North Georgia. We limit the number and types of cases we accept in order to provide the best service to our clients. If we accept your case you will be assured high quality results at an exceptional value. We reserve the right to decline any case that does not meet our skills, experience, and current workload.

Call today to see if we can assist with whatever problem you face. Learn the truth about your lover for your own peace of mind. When your dreams of love, romance and family are threatened, our Atlanta investigators can help. Our private detectives and investigators are experts at covert surveillance.

We use GPS tracking to help our surveillance when you are on the title and registration of the vehicle. GPS tracking helps keep the costs down on active surveillance. We do not provide GPS tracking as a standalone service.

read more › When you need to get legal papers served, we are there to help. We specialize in difficult serves. Even if you don't know where your subject lives or works, we will find them and deliver the papers quickly. We use all of the technology available today to assist in the service: investigative databases, Internet search engines, deep-web databases, pretexts, and good old shoe leather. We are experts at covert surveillance. We can supply the evidence for any case you are facing: to prove infidelity; to prove insurance fraud; to prove child neglect; to prove employee theft; or to prove anything that can be substantiated by eyewitness testimony.

read more › You can expect a friendly voice on the telephone from someone who listens and wants to help. You are calling because you need help and we are here to help with those problems that are confidential, personal, and unusual. To find out if we can help with your problem, call and ask. If we can't help, we will most likely be able to refer you to a source that can help. You will be surprised at how reasonable an investigator's services can be; we are no different from any professional you may hire to assist you.

read more › Investigations on people that are part of your home life are called Domestic Investigations. A domestic investigation may be performed on a child, a husband, a wife, a lover, a significant other, a mom, a dad, or some other family member. Infidelity investigations determine if a spouse or lover is involved with someone else. Child Custody investigations help establish appropriate custodial roles and visitation rights for divorced or separating parents.

read more › We get many questions related to becoming a private investigator or a private detective in Georgia. This web page provides all of the information you need to get started in this profession in Georgia. There are two ways to become a private investigator in Georgia. First, you can establish your own agency. Second, you can be hired by an existing agency. Regardless of the path that is appropriate for you, the final determination of the requirements lay with the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Secuirty Agencies which is a part of the State of Georgia, Secretary of State, Professional Licensing Division.

read more › Make no mistake about it. When it comes to surveillance, Safe Harbor Investigations is the best in the business. Many other agencies charge an inflated price for surveillance beyond their normal hourly rate. Some will not even take your case unless you agree to pay double - a minimum of two investigators to follow the subject. At Safe Harbor Investigations, we believe that your investigator should be skilled enough to work alone under most circumstances.

read more › GPS investigations are most often used when you want to find out where your spouse, child, employee, or vehicle go when you are not around. We can quickly and secretly install a device in an automobile that will transmit continuous signals of the vehicle's location to our computers. Through that, we can tell you where the vehicle is, what route it took to get there, where it stopped along the way, and how fast it was going along each segment. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is used to refer to a network of satellites that orbit above the Earth and permit a GPS device to determine exactly where it is at any moment in time.

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