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From our state-of-the-art forensic lab based in Houston, Texas, e-investigators follow the trail to decipher electronically stored information (ESI) from computers, mobile phones, or other digital devices. Every Digital Forensics Investigator we have possess advanced digital skills, but also uses traditional private investigative techniques to ensure you receive a one-stop solution to your investigative needs.

Even if another firm says they cannot help you, e-Investigations has the expertise in intellectual property investigations, civil and criminal investigations, trade secrets theft, employee and HR investigations and many other facets of digital examinations that can assist you in getting to the truth.

read more › E-Investigations follows the trail and decipher the information regardless of whether the evidence is digital, such as electronically stored information found on computers, mobile phones or other devices or if the investigation requires traditional private investigative services. E-Investigations' private investigator tools and techniques include surveillance, undercover work and detailed record searches. The final product helps our clients gain a deeper understanding of what has happened or what is occurring.

read more › The answer is simple: call and speak to an E-Investigator. E-Investigations will help you understand the electronic discovery process from start to finish. Regardless of whether your ESI is trapped in laptops, desktops, external drives, backup tapes, cellular phones, smart phones, servers, hosted drives, or shared drives, E-Investigations has the expertise to harvest the ESI for forensic evidence. We utilize the latest digital forensic tools and software to provide you with the best in E-Investigations.

read more › At E-Investigations, we specialize in finding hidden and encrypted documents using thorough investigative techniques that adhere to state and Federal regulations for civil and criminal cases. Assessment is the first step in any E-Investigation is understanding the case. Your assigned E-Investigations will discuss your case in depth and gain an understanding of what you believe has happened. Your E-Investigations will gather the basic information on your case, interview relevant witnesses, and work to gain a deep understanding of the extent and depth of the loss in critical to establishing the proper framework of the case.

read more › You terminated an employee, but you think that they took more with them than just a severance check? Whether its the theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, the deletion of key files, emails and data or the hiding of assets E-Investigations' computer forensics team will help you to gather the digital evidence you need. With 25 years of expert testimony in hundreds of cases, E-Investigations understands the intricacies of the complex civil dispute. E-Investigations's licensed computer forensics experts will examine the ESI (electronically stored information) and gather the evidence you need to prove your case in court.

read more › A critical step in e-investigation is the imaging or creating of an exact replica of a physical crime scene. Where as a physical crime scene would be photographed to collect evidence and leads, an electronic device is imaged and a complete copy of the data is acquired for examination by a computer forensics expert. Understanding the ediscovery process is a core skill of E-Investigations experts. E-Investigations' computer forensics experts are licensed by the state of Texas and certified in all of the latest forensics tools.

read more › E-Investigations understands that enterprise content and data management solutions are not a "one-size fits all." Big Data has become a key basis of competition, growth, and security, and is rapidly becoming a disruptive force that will change your current data management methods. As a leading provider of Big Data Processing and Analytics with a SaaS -based delivery of eDiscovery, litigation support, and collaborative technology solutions, E-Investigations has extensive experience customizing enterprise solutions for top Fortune 500 companies and AMLaw 200 law firms to meet their challenges of Big Data management.

read more › With inexpensive and rapidly evolving spyware, key loggers, and other forms of malware, the risk of "digital bugging" has never been greater, and the delivery methods of "bugs" designed to spy on your content or active keystrokes are plentiful. You do not need physical access to the network or computers. Oftentimes, the off the shelf anti-virus programs simply do not keep up. Firewalls installed months or years ago go un-updated. Even with the best efforts and intentions, networks and individual desktops, laptops, and mobile devices can become beacons to transmit private and or critical information to competitors, former employees, or unauthorized, malicious current employees.

read more › Data can be destroyed in an attempt to cover up a crime or to cover traces when someone does not want you to follow the digital footprint. People can attempt to destroy the physical drives by deleting the data and physically damaging the drives by dropping them, burning them, putting them in water, or exposing them to magnets. Data recovery involves many different methods to recover data from a drive. Data recovery methods can recover deleted data from drives as well as recover data from drives that have been damaged.

read more › An expert witness is a very powerful source of evidence in court. Reports on data electronically discovered by computer forensics methods are important because they provide strong evidence in court documents and in overall analysis in an active lawsuit or settlement. An expert witness can present the digital forensic facts of a case and detail how the conclusions were reached. A professional report will provide essential evidence to support your side in litigation or in discussions surrounding difficult issues.

read more › E-Investigations investigations are typically broken into two groups: External Investigation and Internal Investigations. In external investigations, the primary source of the loss or potential risk is an outside party. This outside party could be a former employee, competitor, or criminal organization. In internal investigations, the source of loss or risk of damage is currently employed by or in conspiracy with an internal source. E-Investigations works closely with our customers during sensitive investigations.

read more › Mobile phones and smartphones can contain large amounts of relevant information for an E-Investigation. These mobile devices can be the key source of contact between parties. Regardless if the communication is in the form of text or email, the evidence may be recoverable regardless of whether it has been deleted or not. The only way to know what is in the mobile device is to perform a technically correct forensic image of the device for electronic discovery. E-Investigations will discuss with you the details of your case.

read more › E-Investigations provides a unique combination of digital forensic and traditional PI services to companies, organizations, and individuals within the greater Houston area. For the past decade, our Houston investigators have served the city's leading law firms, corporations, and executives. E-Investigationsrecognizes the needs and potential issues that arise within these fields and our investigators have extensive experience dealing with the complicated nature of such problems.

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