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Accurintel Private Investigations While separated from my husband, I hired AccurIntel to provide personal protection for myself, as I was going into a remote area to where my husband's mother lives to pick up personal property, and was afraid he would show up while I was there, because he has been violent in the past. Personal Protection Agent Matt was assigned to protect me. Sure enough, just as I was finishing up, my husband came pulling up, and I was afraid this was going to turn ugly.

To my surprise, Matt took my husband to the side, talked with him, and after talking with him, he just went inside his mother's house, not saying a word to me, and I left, with Matt following me. I was very impressed with how Matt handled this situation with my husband not trying to fight, or call me names. I can't thank this Co. I first hired AccurIntel to run a background check on this guy my ex-wife had living with her.

Due to his lengthy criminal history and being on probation for a serious drug offense, I had them continue to investigate and conduct surveillance on him.

read more › We give all copies of photos and videos collected during any surveillance investigation directly to the client, and no one else. Our Corporate Offices are located in San Antonio Tx. However, we utilize a Texas network of experienced private investigators, serving the state of Texas. Be it personal or business, effective private investigation helps you avoid the bad decisions that ultimately cost money. After you find out the truth, no matter what the outcome is - we can help you with the next steps.

read more › AccurIntel offers a full range of private investigator services. Our agency employs covert surveillance techniques field tested in gathering the information and evidence our clients need. There are many aspects in obtaining quality video, which rests with the individual investigator. All of our investigators are either former law enforcement or have been trained by our officers in covert law enforcement operations. All our investigators are highly skilled and know what it takes to get the evidence that our clients need to be admissable in court and we strive with each and every case to do just that.

read more › Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal, and likely to be one of the most painful and devastating events in a persons life. The embarrassment, fear and betrayal can be overwhelming. Even the prospect of your spouse being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive to your life. The private investigators at AccurIntel Investigative Services understand what you are going through and are committed to helping people just like you with this sensitive issue every day. We can help you prove or disprove whether infidelity is taking place so that you can make informed decisions and move forward with your life.

read more › One of the most important and stressful decisions you will ever make is to terminate your marriage, especially when children are involved. Divorces can involve not only spousal support, child custody issues, child support, property, and other financial matters as well. There are marriages that end amicably, but most do not, necessitating not only legal but also investigative assistance. There are benefits from hiring AccurIntel for divorce and child custody cases, such as in obtaining evidence regarding your ex-spouse's lifestyle, assets, a new boyfriend/girlfriend, unknown people living in the house your children are also living in, friends and any other people who are associated with your ex-spouse who could be a bad influence on your child.

read more › There are a number of online companies and websites that perform background checks. More often than not these services offer results of mixed quality by using dated sources that provide only pieces of information, with no quality assurance or professional review. When you get a background check from us, we use a company with one of the largest databases of public information in the United States, In order to even access this database, you have to be a state licensed Private Investigation co., and even then the company is vetted, before being allowed to set up an account with them.

read more › We all have intuition, and usually when yours tells you something is wrong, more times than not you're correct. Maybe it's telling you your spouse is cheating or an employee of yours is committing worker compensation fraud. But intuition won't stand up in court, but evidence provided by our investigators will. You can rest assured that the evidence we provide will be admissible, as our investigators follow all rules of evidence gathering, to ensure its court admissibility will not come into question.

read more › Private investigators can be instrumental in obtaining court admissible evidence for all aspects of law. Though our investigators are formally trained in criminal law, all of us have had to deal with civil law situations. Evidence gathering is still the same, the only difference being that in criminal law, we had to make sure our evidence would meet the standards of proof beyond a reasonable doubt vs preponderance of evidence in civil law. Even though the standard of proof is lower in civil law, we will pursue all cases with obtaing the higher degree of proof a criminal case requires with all our investigations.

read more › In executive protections, the most valuable asset is not physical force, but rather brains. Evidence has shown in this industry, that intelligence is the most valuable asset to possess and utilize in personal protection. While some bodyguards emphasize a reactive approach to protecting their clients, a hand-to-hand combat situation should always be considered a last resort when offering personal protection. Formulating a plan and implementing preemptive measures to protect the client before a situation turns violent, is always the best approach.

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