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Doherty Group Brendan Doherty is Founder and President of Doherty Group LLC, a full service security consulting and private investigative firm located in Providence, RI. Brendan spent the majority of his professional career with the Rhode Island State Police where he served for 27 years beginning as a trooper and advancing through the ranks to become the Superintendent and Colonel.

Brendan's vast investigative experience includes decades fighting organized crime and criminal activity along with various white collar and financial and cybercrimes. Following his tenure at the helm of the RI State Police, Brendan spent several years in a university security setting responsible for environmental health and safety as well as public safety.

Brendan's most recent investigative expertise was utilized in a corporate setting analyzing, targeting and rooting out health care fraud. Brendan's dedication to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, coupled with his affiliation with a broad, regional networking system of professional investigators has positioned him as the premier choice for your professional and private investigative or corporate security consulting needs.

read more › The Doherty Group's Private Investigations team is comprised of seasoned private investigators with unmatched experience in corporate and financial investigations. These types of private investigative solutions must be conducted with the utmost confidentiality understood by the experts at the Doherty Group. Our corporate investigations are conducted this way not only to protect an employee against irreparable harm if an allegation is unfounded or not true, but also to protect the company from a damaged reputation if false information were to be disseminated.

read more › Policies and procedures don't always cover what we need to address in the workplace. How do we leverage what's on paper? The Doherty Group can help to identify strengths and weaknesses in existing policies and procedures as it relates to crisis management and identify necessary training. We have some of the most experienced practitioners in the business who will share their stories and experience in strategy meetings or already established risk or crisis management committees. Topics such as Emergency Evacuation or Active Shooter are incidents that we hope we will never see, and we probably never will, but it is important that we all have an understanding of what we should be doing and where we should be able to find refuge.

read more › Protecting electronic information is an ongoing process which is continuously challenged by malevolent hackers wanting to cause harm to a business or individual. Preventing cyber security incidents has become a global initiative among businesses. We also recognize that some of the damage caused could be closer to home as an employee or former employee may intentionally cause harm or inappropriately accessed sites or data bases that are in violation of company policy. In any event, a Doherty Group associate with over 25 years' experience in law enforcement and network forensics would offer a quick response plan that would eradicate or remediate the problem at hand to bring your company back to normal and secure.

read more › Security Risk Assessments performed by the Doherty Group evaluates what your individual company's needs are as it relates to the security vulnerabilities of your facilities or enterprise. Our threat and vulnerability assessments address security gaps and exposure and are concluded with recommendations and best practices. Our goal would be to achieve high security competencies within a reasonable budget. The Doherty Group works with our corporate partners on security risk assessments to create a safer work environment.

read more › The Doherty Group provides surveillance services to clients in a wide variety of situations. As a private investigative firm, our detectives and insurance fraud investigators are helpful in civil litigation and corporate theft. Our surveillance services validate false insurance claims as well as other specialized private investigations that call for photographic imagery. There are times when our private investigators are useful in documenting a meeting of a noteworthy event that is important for the making or development of a case.

read more › Regardless of whether you're building a civil case or on the eve of a civil trial, lawyers need accurate information that can stand the test of time and scrutiny. Stories really shouldn't change, so fact gatherers should be able to ask the right questions based upon the available information at hand to assist the law firm. As a finder of facts in a civil case, the Doherty Group is positioned to support litigation by calling on witnesses who may have information of evidentiary value. We will often have a subject matter expert available within our group as we possess decades of investigative experience.

read more › Personal security and dignitary protection services are more challenging today than ever before. Threat management and the ever-growing influence of social media creates an especially unpredictable environment for VIP security. Folks who fit this profile need a personal security partner with experience in dignitary protection like the experts at The Doherty Group. With the ability and resources to eliminate threat, mitigate risk, and develop and tailor a custom and non-intrusive personal security plan, The Doherty Group provides the highest standard personal security.

read more › When a company selects a security guard service they expect honest and diligent professionals who sometimes become the first representative a customer of the company may interact with. Their uniform sticks out and visitors are comforted with the security presence. They are often called upon by a visitor or customer to locate a meeting or merely just asking for directions. That officer should be equipped with institutional knowledge of the company s/he is representing and possess the requisite knowledge to perform those tasks.

read more › Clearly, one of the highest priorities of college and university executives and administrators is to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students and staff. The Doherty Group is uniquely positioned, given its background and experience in both university security and law enforcement, to provide an independent, in-depth assessment and evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses in security present on a campus. This assessment can also include a review of existing policies and procedures as they relate to environmental health and safety as well as crisis management and training.

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