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Astinel Security & Forensics Choose an Atlanta private investigator for your corporate security, forensic and asset protection needs. Not all investigative services are equal. Your Atlanta corporate security consultant and Atlanta private investigator has an innate drive for greatness in investigative services. For starters, reach out for legal matters. Moreover, use our safeguard services to reduce costly risks.

Asset protection should be a cornerstone of any risk management program. By the way, most don't realize how serious their problems are until it's too late. Namely, seasoned strategists and C-suite leaders have felt the pain of fraud. Also, family owned businesses have closed. To summarize, we'll use a mix of forensic investigative services as an Atlanta private investigator.

Conversely, rivalry with another Atlanta corporate security consultant is no concern. Often, we partner with best in the industry.

read more › As an Atlanta Fraud Investigator, we have several types of reviews available for your situation, from simple to comprehensive. If you're a decision maker in your organization, you'll benefit from the very beginning by having a conversation with us. You don't have to be a victim of fraud. If you suspect a problem, don't delay. Fraud Risk Assessment - Our proprietary fraud risk assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities you didn't know existed, prevent embezzlement and deliver an effective prevention strategy.

read more › In addition to private investigations and fraud examinations, we offer workplace investigations, due diligence reviews, internal investigations, corporate investigations and vendor due diligence / compliance reviews. Typical scenarios: An "investor" wants to provide you with a large amount of funds. An Instagram ad entices a college student to send money to a bank account. There's an exclusive opening which guarantees large returns - "there are only a few slots are left." You're made an offer to purchase your business.

read more › Often, these are the replies we hear from those we serve. As Atlanta private investigators, we know the demand for a close study. We augment most legal matters where a unique inquiry is needed. If you're tangled in litigation, talk with us. Falsely accused of a crime or misconduct? Then, we want to probe into your case. Further, see data below on asset searches, special investigations, bank account searches and hidden assets. Atlanta private investigators are common, but not us. Most importantly, legal matters are high stakes.

read more › Security loss prevention services and asset protection is often an afterthought for a business. While cavalier attitudes tell you differently, we've said many times that accepting losses doesn't have to be the cost of doing business. Often, a simple risk assessment can result in large savings. More comprehensive audits can add additional value. So, allow us to identify your risks and vulnerabilities. Do you have a realistic threat looming? An independent party can add clarity. Inventory Controls - Organizations may compartmentalize their inventory control functions, when it should be integrated.

read more › While our insight is broad, we use others for peer reviews to get you the best physical security risk assessment. Ask other physical security companies in Atlanta if they do the same and the answer is likely no. Zane Kinney is a Physical Security Specialist. He gives an artful analysis. More importantly, as a seasoned physical security specialist, he explains the outlook for progress. Also, his CV is available upon request. All reviews are customized for any setting. While constructive in itself, check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for reduced premiums.

read more › We conduct fraud prevention and loss prevention training for the small business or we can offer assistance to the established program. Consider this routine maintenance for your organization or for the start-up, a foundation for a strong beginning. Requests for our speaking services have increased and we are all too glad to accept. We try to use real life case examples to better connect with our audience. We are happy to speak at small and large gatherings, along with your special member organization.

read more › The costs of your education, training, modernization and building your practice could rival the GDP of some nations! They didn't teach you this in medical or dental school. Don't let an oversight or rogue employee destroy all your efforts. You don't have to be another statistic of office embezzlement. Give your practice a wellness review. Are you a Dentrix Software user? While we serve law firms with traditional investigative services, did you know law firm embezzlement is quite common? Employees of law and other professional firms are no more deterred from committing embezzlement than any other profession.

read more › As an Atlanta Fraud Investigator, I understand your business and the legal environment demands competent professionals to protect assets and provide investigative excellence. As a fraud specialist, private investigator and security analyst - artful analysis and a holistic approach is provided. We examine additional risk management components others may not consider. When engaged for a project, our clients are routinely surprised at the extra effort we put forth and the actionable information we return.

read more › Zane and I had the responsibility of representing an office condo association that suffered a theft of nearly $80,000 at the hands of the association's treasurer. Zane was instrumental in formulating our plan of action. He also forensically calculated the association's losses through numerous bank accounts and hundreds of transactions (many of which were fraudulent), including applicable lost interest on the misappropriated funds. Zane was able to successfully confront the treasurer, have him resign his position and sign a confession.

read more › Your GA private investigator is an analyst, fraud examiner proud member of the ACFE and ASIS. Equally important is our membership in the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators - GAPPI. We're here to listen. If you've read this far, you understand our passion for truth and inquiries. Allow us to inspect your business, serve your law firm or talk about your personal matter. Call or email us for a meeting. After hours and weekend appointments are possible. As a GA private investigator and proud GAPPI member, we serve Atlanta and most parts of the state.

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