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The Naked Truth Detective Agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been licensed by the State of Oklahoma since 2001. We have over 20 years investigative experience. If you need help, call 918-724-9088. Fees for investigative services vary based upon the nature & scope of your individual case. All services require a contract and retainer. Beware of Tulsa private investigators that offer so-called "competitive rates."

This can be a sign of an investigator is relatively new, works only a few cases a year on a part time basis, and lacks the experience, confidence and competence needed to handle your serious concerns.

read more › Our full time private investigators are licensed by CLEET/State of Oklahoma as required by Oklahoma law. We exceed the minimum continuing education mandated by CLEET. The founder/manager of The Naked Truth Detective Agency personally has 20 years of actual investigative experience, including public/private sector. Some private investigators in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will take your case and turn it over to a novice or beginner. We only utilize investigators with extensive knowledge, training & experience.

read more › 20 years investigative experience. Former law enforcement, credit card fraud investigator, financial asset investigator. We will not use inexperienced investigators or students on any case. The Naked Truth Detective Agency - full time private investigators based in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the experience necessary to handle your case, wherever it may lead! Our child custody investigations can help determine what is in "the best interest of the child." We do not rely upon surveillance alone for these cases.

read more › Our fees are based on the nature & scope of your individual case. Everyone has a budget and price is certainly a consideration. However, when you get tunnel vision and hire a private investigator based upon fees alone, you will be disappointed. It is difficult to compare "apples to apples" when hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma. The Naked Truth Detective Agency has 20 years of actual investigative experience. Our professionals have invested years obtaining training & experience in the public and private sector.

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