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Krikorian & Associates, Inc is a multifaceted California state licensed private investigation agency established in 1989. Serving the entire Southern California area, some of Krikorian & Associates achievements have been well chronicled in the media, including appearances on "60 minutes" local news networks, radio stations and in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Based in San Diego, with additional offices in Riverside and Los Angeles County, no job is too far or too small. Krikorian & Associates employs a diversified investigative team in order to infiltrate a variety of environments. Our attention to detail, maintaining dialogue with our client, and being there when we are needed the most are what we are routinely committed too.

Investigators and/or operatives of Krikorian & Associates are equipped with the most recent video technology, including covert and mini camera systems. Additionally, each brings to Krikorian either prior law enforcement experience and/or an education relative to the industry.

read more › Fraud and deception have climbed to epidemic proportions in our society. Trained professionals who can observe, document and videotape these types of activities are the first step in securing your best interest. As they say, information is knowledge and knowledge equals power. He who possesses the power is in control. We'd like to help put you in the driver seat. Those who manipulate bodies of government, employers and authority in general, are the primary contributors to the never ending increase in costs to operate business, or function as a society without the expense that goes along with deterring these types of activities.

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