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OUR APPROACH: At Cardinal Investigations we have a simple approach. We put ourselves in your shoes. We want to know the reason for your call or consultation. We take our own experiences from other cases and personally tailor each case to meet the client's objectives. We will give you any additional options so that the best solution is determined. We only move forward once you are comfortable and fully agree on the best path for your situation.

No matter what you are going through, we are here to help. WHO WE ARE : Cardinal Investigations is a company with years of experience, training, and knowledge in the private investigations and security sector. We utilize the best databases available in the industry to perform deep investigations to locate people, assets and businesses. We conduct corporate due diligence, verify identities and combat fraud.

We are not the police or ex-law enforcement or the government.

read more › Video, audio and photographic surveillance is appropriate for any situation whether personal or professional. It is intended to provide the client with a "Pattern of life" to clearly understand what a person or group is engaged in when the client is not present. This service is completely discreet and does not leave a "footprint."

read more › Going through a divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. Unfortunately, your ex may try to punish you using any tactics available at their disposal, including dishonesty. During a child custody hearing, you need the facts on your side. For the safety of your kids, and yourself, Cardinal Investigations will get the evidence you need for an impending legal fight.

read more › Protect yourself, family and assets from scammers and catfishing. There are various online sites that provide information about people, but just how accurate is the source? Generally, we find them to be very inaccurate. We utilize the best databases available in the industry to perform deep investigations locate people, assets and businesses, conduct corporate due diligence, verify identities and combat fraud.

read more › Cardinal Investigations can assist attorneys by conducting witness interviews, evidence gathering, locating new witnesses who had initially declined to comment or were not found, surveillance and research. Allow us become that critical piece of your defense or prosecution team. We currently assist multiple attorneys in Harris and Fort Bend county with both paid and indigent court appointed services. The attorney's time is better spent researching case law and litigation so let us gather facts and do the leg work for you.

read more › The primary reason most employers run pre-employment background checks is to flag any criminal convictions in an applicant's past. Sometimes, these criminal charges posit someone as dangerous, unreliable, untrustworthy, or otherwise not suitable for hiring. Other times, the charges are minor, out of date, or irrelevant to the job at hand. Either way, an employer deserves to have this information in order to make an educated hiring decision. In addition to criminal history, some background checks will highlight driving records, credit histories, or other information.

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