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MS Recoveries & Investigations MS Recoveries & Investigations has proven time again that they are a company driven by ethics and integrity. Our methodology of conducting business puts our clients first before all else. Our dedication to the client shows that quality work gets done and that we give results on everything that comes our way. We treat every case differently and though they may have some similarity to others we have worked, you will feel that we are giving you the full attention that is needed.

Our motto "We stay awake so you don't have to" expresses our loyalty to our clients to being vigilant and steadfast as we work for you. We have many connections among different fields of law and other studies. These connections enable us to fully focus on doing our business the right way the first time without hesitation. Our team consists of prior military service members, and former interns that we have trained ourselves to meet the demand of our clients needs.

Our founder was trained in the field of criminal investigative techniques with years of professional investigation experience.

read more › Matthew Schultz is the owner and founder of MS Recoveries & investigations. After serving eight years in the United States Marine Corps, Matthew returned home to Washington state. During his tour of duty, Matthew was trained in misdemeanor and felony investigations. His knowledge in Executive protection and apprehension techniques allowed him to obtain chaser status while serving. This status allowed for the escorting of Military personnel to and from various military institutions and court proceedings.

read more › Needed when there are suspicious behavior that needs to be caught by photography or video means to provide evidence of ill doings. These can be of a wide range of things to include fraud. Legal investigators work for law firms by helping attorneys get their cases and evidence ready for trial. These investigators analyze case law, evidence and discovery materials to find information that will help their firm win a case. To be an investigator, you must not only be skilled at finding and analyzing information, but you must also understand relevant statutory and case law along with the rules for preserving evidence so it's admissible at trial.

read more › At MS Recoveries & Investigations, our agents are continuously conducting Childcare, Nanny and Caregiver Background checks. This search provides inexpensive, fast, and comprehensive screening for babysitters, maids, home health, elder care, private tutors and other domestics. Records show that a great percentage of background screening performed on Childcare, Nannies and Elder Care have provided an alarming results. These results could be such as, DUI arrests, theft/embezzlement, assaults or prior criminal history.

read more › The Private investigator is a trained individual to handle such fraudulent workers compensation claims. He/she has required tools that help uncover the fraud and provide proof that is admissible in the court. The primary step in investigating the worker compensation claim is to detect any possibility of fraud. To uncover fraud in compensation claims it is necessary to act fast before the evidence is destroyed. Investigators work to uncover cases of people who claim life insurance while still alive or those who claim too much in life insurance.

read more › Electronic surveillance is a way of monitoring a home, business, or individual (using a variety of devices such as CCTV, television, wiretapping, cameras, digital video equipment, and other electronic, digital, and audio-visual means). Today, electronic surveillance can also refer to surveillance done by or on a computer or mobile phone. Electronic Surveillance Detection is a thorough sweep of your location or vehicle using sophisticated electronic equipment and physical search techniques to detect microphones, hidden cameras, gps tracking devices, and other recorders and transmitters.

read more › Typically, investigators have only one single opportunity to conduct a proper and effective witness or suspect interview. If this event becomes a missed opportunity, valuable information may be lost forever and otherwise successful cases may go awry. One of the most critical stages of many investigations, both in the private and police sector, is the subject's interview and interrogation. Many cases are won or lost on the basis of this critical stage of investigation. Most fraud investigations begin with a meeting between the investigator and the client.

read more › With technology becoming easier to understand and also being the way of life for some, it is getting harder to get "off the grid". There is always a trail when someone disappears and finding the trail and sticking with it is needed. People run away for various reasons, and the most common is a preteen or teenager that feels they need to get away from their parents. This puts a burden on them that is counteracted with thoughts of proving a point. We at MS Recoveries & investigations can help you find those you have been out of touch with and provide you with their information.

read more › Finding people (skip tracing) is an art that most people think is easy. You could use online resources and pay a set fee for information that is only accurate up to 6 months to 1+ years ago. Skip tracing professionals have access to tools and networking abilities only offered to professionals in the field; which allows for much more accuracy and updated information. This includes mail forwarding, DOL, IRS, and person to person fact-finding as well as other databases only accessible by them. This information isn't readily available to the common public and requires specialized professionals to have access to it which is where we come in.

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