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RKJ Private Investigators & Process Server Do you have nagging, persistent suspicions about something? Do you want to know who someone really is before making a personal or professional commitment? Do you suspect that you're being defrauded or that someone's reading your private emails? A good private investigator can bring you peace of mind, produce answers and help you make the right decisions.

RKJ Investigations and Process is a full-service private investigation company in Oklahoma City. Professional staff members with years of experience specialize in uncovering the truth, no matter the situation. The RKJ team includes investigators and other staff with diverse experience in law enforcement, medicine, the military and other fields, and has the knowledge and expertise to get you the results you're looking for.

In addition to these and other private investigation and surveillance services, RKJ also handles process serving for a variety of clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. RKJ has been uncovering the truth for Oklahoma City-area clients for more than a decade.

read more › Operating in Oklahoma City since 2001, and licensed to function in four states, RKJ Investigations is made up of a team that brings more to the table than just surveillance and reporting. Our P.I.s come from backgrounds in law enforcement, military and medical, and carry with them the experiences which give them an edge on other investigators. No amount of fancy equipment can make up for true investigative skills and a desire to do away with criminals and cheaters. Our arsenal doesn't end with the members of the RKJ team either.

read more › Process service, as you may already know, is no simple matter. When serving summonses, subpoenas, complaints, writs, divorce papers, child support orders and other court documents, one may run into any number of potentially dangerous or frustrating situations. Encountering a person who is receiving these papers isn't always a walk in the park, and trusting RKJ to serve papers when a recipient may be dangerous can offer you security, as well as certainty that the documents were delivered. Finding someone who is evasive can be time consuming if not downright impossible without outside resources, and our investigative abilities will give us the upper hand on any paper-dodger.

read more › RKJ has a dedicated division devoted to handling the process serving needs of individuals, attorneys, banks and loan companies throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding region. Their professional team offers reliable and trusted service, backed with more than a decade of experience serving clients large and small across the area. With process servers located in many counties across the area, RKJ's team can offer court paper processing services without any additional mileage costs passed on to you.

read more › Serving divorce papers or serving court papers can be a complicated, stressful, and dangerous process. You are never sure how a person who is being served is going to react and finding the right person can sometimes be difficult, especially if they are dodging your attempts to serve them. The professional and experienced process servers at RKJ Investigations will serve papers properly and safely so you know that the intended recipient is getting served. Whether you are an attorney or are representing yourself in a divorce or other court proceeding, you can be sure that the team at RKJ Investigations will serve your papers properly and professionally.

read more › Digital forensics is a branch of investigation that's concerned primarily with uncovering evidence or recovering information from a computer, cellphone or other electronic device. We've all had a minor issue with lost data - a power outage or application crash before you had a chance to save or destroying a digital camera before you've been able to download the pictures. While these are inconvenient - and sometimes can be retrieved through data recovered - digital forensics involves finding and recovering hidden or deleted information that might be valuable to a case or to prove an individual's actions were malicious.

read more › In order to make sure your business or organization is only bringing reputable and trustworthy personnel into the fold, it is essential you have a background check performed. That said, it has to be more than just calling old references; it should be professionally done. RKJ Investigations of Oklahoma City provides clients with a professional statewide and National background check that will deliver the answers they need. Our investigators make sure you do not hire or entrust someone that has a criminal history or a shady past.

read more › Level I Check consists of a State wide criminal/Civil check. Why would you want to obtain a background check on someone? Find out who your future in-laws really are, check out your babysitter, know who you kids are hanging out with, hiring a new employee, renting property to a new tenant and more. If you looking for information for any reason on an individual a background check may be the answer for you.

read more › RKJ Investigations is here to help you find the truth. Whether you want a criminal background check of a potential employee, future spouse or significant other, nanny or any other person, RKJ is here to uncover any criminal history. If someone in your life has a criminal history, you will want to know about it. Unfortunately, not everyone is truthful. When you need accurate information about someone's criminal history, turn to RKJ Investigations. The team at RKJ Investigations is thorough and professional.

read more › A national background check can mean the difference between hiring an honest person and a criminal. Having all the information you need is important, whether you have questions about your future spouse, a friend, a potential employee, or other important person in your life. You have every right to know who is working for you and who is spending time with your family. Contact RKJ Investigations today to have a national criminal background check performed. Do not hire anyone, get married, or leave your children with a babysitter without first having a criminal background check performed.

read more › Often times, not knowing for sure is the most difficult part of questioning whether or not your spouse is being unfaithful to you. Even the most rational of people can drive themselves crazy by constantly wondering whether their spouse is lying to them, and cheating on them with another man or woman. That is where RKJ Investigations can help. We discreetly provide you with the answers and the clarity you need. Rather than constantly guessing and second guessing yourself, we provide you with tangible proof of whether your spouse is cheating, allowing you to get on with your life.

read more › Few ordeals are more difficult to endure than a child custody battle. The second you become a mother or father your life instantly changes, and the thought of not being able to see your children on a habitual basis is overbearing, especially when you don't trust the child's mother or father to take adequate care of your babies. In these types of difficult and slippery situations, you should consider hiring a private investigator to help your cause. A private investigator can help you build a case against your spouse, and provide evidence of why he or she is not a suitable option to be the primary caregiver to your child.

read more › Curious about what your spouse is doing when you are not around or out of town? Do you suspect an affair? RKJ Investigations provides domestic surveillance services in the Oklahoma City and greater Oklahoma area. They are also licensed in Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri. RKJ Investigations will find the truth and arm you with the information that you need. If you believe that your spouse is hiding something from you, let RKJ Investigations private detective service get to the bottom of what is happening.

read more › Are you concerned that you may be the victim of fraud? Hire the professional team at RKJ Investigations and Surveillance today and put your mind at ease. For more than a decade, RKJ has worked with individuals, businesses and corporate clients throughout the Oklahoma City region to conduct private insurance fraud and workers compensation investigations. The expertly trained team of fraud investigation professionals will put their skills to work, documenting any possible signs or proof of fraudulent activity and provide you with a full, professional report.

read more › GPS Tracking was a huge advance in modern science, and is a key tool in our arsenal for almost any investigation. Our trackers are live and highly accurate, monitoring activity and location 24/7. RKJ Investigations can help keep tabs your teenager, locate your elderly loved one, expose your cheating spouse, or reacquire your stolen assets. We can offer short or long term tracking, including driving habits, location, and time logs. All of our evidence is documented with video, sound, and photographic recording.

read more › If you feel you are being watched or are under investigation, RKJ Investigations is here to help. With bug sweeps and electronic countermeasures, RKJ Investigations will watch whoever is watching you. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce and feel your spouse is having you investigated, or you are being stalked by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, you can rest easy knowing that RKJ Investigations will find out who is watching you and why. RKJ Investigations is licensed in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas.

read more › Are you looking for someone? A debtor or a person who needs to be served with divorce papers? A criminal or witness? RKJ Investigations provides skip tracing services to clients in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. No matter who you are looking for and no matter how well they have hidden themselves - RKJ Investigations will find them for you. If you need to find someone who has skipped town and you need to find them quickly, RKJ Investigations' professional and experienced team is here to help.

read more › Personal protection is something you never want to need, but having it at the right time can mean the difference between life and death. You can't trust just anyone at that moment, which is why choosing RKJ's Personal Protection services may be the best decision you ever make. When your safety is threatened, you can't be too careful, and seeking our help will be well worth the call. Were you victimized, and the suspect still remains at large? Travelling with personal or protection gives you a sense of security that cannot be rivaled.

read more › RKJ Investigations provides celebrity protection services to clients in the Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri areas. Safety is important for everyone, especially those in the public eye. Whether you have an existing safety concern or simply want to be proactive in protecting yourself or your client, contact RKJ Investigations today about hiring personal security professionals. The team at RKJ Investigations is professional and experienced. With a staff of former law enforcement and military service members, RKJ Investigations employs those who know how to act in a crisis situation and keep you safe at the same time.

read more › While much of our work involves personal disputes, cheating lovers, fraud, or employment investigations, the range of services offered by the RKJ team is not limited to the basics. Due to the specializations that our private investigators carry with them from their military, law enforcement, or medical experience, we have the capacity to investigate cases that other agencies just can't touch. Were you the victim of a crime that you feel haunts you? Is your loved one a missing person, who you feel could still be out there somewhere?

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