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Falvo Agency Are you involved child custody issue? Do you believe your spouse might be hiding something? Lou Falvo, private investigator in Rochester, NY can find out what is going by conducting a thorough investigation. When you need the services of a detective agency, video surveillance and other investigative techniques are used to uncover infidelity, drug use, and even fraud.

Lou can conduct assets check to determine if your spouse has hidden money in the USA or abroad. Protect your business with the help of an experienced private investigator. Lou has 40 years of investigative experience. He can advise you on how to manage security. He can help you uncover theft; provide pre-employment background checks to verify applicant's credentials.

Lou can provide GPS to monitor your company vehicles. Competitor intelligence reports and help with enforcing Non- Compete Contracts. Lou can conduct surveillance to uncover workers compensation fraud, theft and nefarious activity. Your concerns may be valid or may not, but for "PEACE OF MIND" trust Lou Falvo Private Investigator & Process Server help you through a difficult time.

read more › Do you suspect your partner of infidelity? Lou Falvo specializes in infidelity investigations in Rochester and can help you find the truth in an objective manner. His services are available within 100 miles of Rochester, New York. Most investigations are charged by the hour, including mileage and expenses. When couples break up, they sometimes fight for full custody. Lou serves clients who feel their children aren't in a good situation, often because of potential abuse or the involvement of the custodial parent with someone inappropriate.

read more › Keep your company safe with the help of Lou Falvo, process server and private investigator for businesses in Rochester, NY. As a licensed private investigator Lou performs background checks, provides video surveillance, or serves legal documents. His business intelligence services are charged by the hour, including mileage and expenses. Lou has no special legal authority. Clients who aren't sure what a person has told them is true may want a background check. Employers can check out a new employee's credentials and licenses, too.

read more › Are you a lawyer or legal office handling a case that deals with individuals living outside of your local area? When you need someone to serve court documents, count on Lou Falvo, Private Investigator & Process Server. In most states, papers must be served by an adult who has nothing to do with the court case. When it comes to serving court documents, it's important to use an experienced and knowledgeable professional. When you need a process server in Rochester, NY, get in touch with our company.

read more › Lou Falvo, Private Investigator & Process Server, offers various attorney services, including background checks in Rochester, NY. Lou works closely with his clients to gather information for their legal cases. As a private investigator, he has the tools and resources needed to collect this background data and deliver it to the attorneys who require it. Call him today at (585) 484-8342 to learn more about the assistance he can provide or to enlist his attorney services for your own case. When you want to know about someone's past, whether it is employment, personal, or criminal, a background investigation is the most exhaustive method used by our firm.

read more › When you need the services of a discreet and professional private detective in Rochester, NY, contact Falvo Agency. Lead investigator Lou Falvo has more than 40 years of experience that he can apply to help you with your issue. He's ready to provide advice and guidance on matters ranging from office security to background checks to competitor intelligence reports. You can reach out to Falvo Agency for all your business investigation and protection services. Detective Falvo can help you with theft investigation, provide GPS monitoring for company vehicles, enforce non-compete contracts, and provide video surveillance to uncover fraud and related activities.

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