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Private Investigators in Plano Texas, experts in adultery and infidelity, dedicated to serving the public for the most affordable price anywhere. Our Private Detectives will turn over every rock to find the information needed to accomplish the task at hand. Each case is different and the needs of the client always come first. We look at all of the determining factors like forensics and crime scene evidence.

With over 20 years experience in Federal Law Enforcement and in the civilian sector, our private investigators are equipped to handle any type of case. The private detectives at Lone Star have what it takes secure your home or business, and for those that need it, we will catch your cheating spouse. Our Private Detectives approach different kinds of investigations according to the needs of the client.

For example Criminal Defense is a vigorous investigation where we may look into alibis, alternative suspects, motives, methods and means. Adultery and other Domestic cases however need a softer approach.

read more › Our new PI office in Plano is serving the entire Dallas Fort-Worth area and beyond. We bring, to the new office, over 40 years of experience in the private sector and the federal investigations arena. We will be conducting investigations in the areas of infidelity, child custody and safety checks and tracking down deadbeat child support payers. Computer searches including assets and business searches and background investigations. We have recovered millions of dollars in lost assets. Our PI's are experts in surveillance for cases involving insurance fraud, workman's comp and adultery cases.

read more › There is few, if anything more stressful than being unable to locate a loved one. The ambiguity of not knowing where he or she is creates non-stop stress and worry. If you're unable to find someone you one love, the expert, certified private investigators at Lone Star Detective Agency are here to help. We have years of experience and know exactly what steps to take to give us the best chance of finding your loved one. Our private detectives will follow every lead and work relentlessly to find him or her.

read more › Some computer searches info may only be available to your lawyer, your Private Investigator or Law Enforcement, i.e. This search uses many databases to come up with the most likely current address as well as past address and phone numbers. Nothing is guaranteed but the information returned is usually reliable. To verify the most likely current address an investigator, or someone, would need to physically go there and determine if it is in fact the correct address. It is possible in cases where someone is actively trying not to be found that the most likely current address is a mail drop.

read more › Infidelity can be a painful experience. Even worrying about infidelity can be stressful in itself and can end a marriage or a relationship even if there is nothing going on. Our cheating spouse investigators in the Dallas Texas area are on the job. We will find out if you partner is unfaithful or not. Rather than risk losing a loved one over a perceived transgression, you may want to find out for sure whether or not you're being cheated on. Perhaps something has happened to make you suspicious like a charge on a credit card or, to coin a phrase, lipstick on their collar.

read more › Is a loved one missing, lost contact with an old friend, trying to find a runaway or birth parent / child or biological family member? We can help. Everyday hundreds of people go missing, and everyday investigators look for them. When no one else will help, we will. We will devote all our resources to finding those who are missing or hiding out. Every situation is different. There are many reasons for people to go missing. Looking for runaways is not quite the same as looking for someone who's trying to avoid child support or someone who is hiding from debt collectors.

read more › Insurance Fraud is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the US. It is a billion dollar industry and is avoidable. If you suspect insurance fraud, if you feel that someone is taking advantage of you let the Lone Star Detective Agency help. We will conduct an investigation into the alleged injury to an individual and find out one way or another if that person is actually injured or criminally trying to defraud you. It can be scary to be sued. And some attorneys may recommend that you settle rather than risk losing big time in court.

read more › We conduct surveillance for a variety of reasons such as domestic surveillance for things like adultery, infidelity, child welfare, and insurance fraud. Surveillance is also a useful tool in missing person cases. For missing persons we may conduct surveillance in a runaway case where we may sit on a favorite spot of the runaway or at a friend's home. In essence we wait in hope the missing person will show up at a familiar place where they may feel safe. For deadbeat dads/moms sometimes they go off the grid by never listing their address anywhere that might end up on a computer or magazine subscription.

read more › The Investigators at the Lone Star Detective Agency are here to provide Dallas, Plano and the surrounding area with expert Counter Surveillance services. Regardless of your situation, we work closely with our clients to develop a customized solution that is tailored to suit their specific needs and situations. Our private investigators are renowned for their reliability, astuteness and attention to detail. When performing surveillance for our clients, we discreetly find a way to make sure no stone goes unturned and you receive all the information you need.

read more › Let the investigators at the Lone Star Detective Agency in Texas work to protect your children. In a divorce, during a child check, we can conduct surveillance designed to keep an eye on the child and conduct a wellness check. See what your child is exposed to while you are not there. Who is watching your children, how are they being treated? Are they being put into dangerous situations? Are they left unattended? We understand that your children are precious and you need to know they are safe. Wouldn't you like to know if your ex's significant other is a danger to your child's safety?

read more › Know who you're getting into business with or starting a social relationship with by taking advantage of background check from a certified private investigator. Lone Star Detectives are experienced background investigators and have conducted hundreds of background checks for multiple reasons including, employment, relationships, business, and security. We can help you obtain the answers you seek. Those are just some of the many examples of why you should consider hiring a certified private detective for background investigations.

read more › In theory, workers compensation is a wonderful thing that protects employees by providing them with money if they're hurt or fall ill on the job. However, it also opens up innumerable opportunities to commit fraud, as individuals or businesses make false claims, stealing money and increasing insurance premiums in the process. Some may fake an injury or an illness, or greatly embellish what an injury or illness has done to prevent them from carrying out their job duties. Fortunately, the experts at Lone Star Detective Agency are here to help.

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