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At Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations, we handle a great variety of cases, from criminal defense, civil investigations, to educational and employee investigations. We also reconstruct industrial, OSHA, and vehicle accidents claims. We can handle your surveillance assignments and all your process service needs. We utilize sophisticated investigative techniques, and incorporate the latest surveillance technology.

This coupled with our agency's tried-and-true, street-smart investigative experience, provides our clients with the best possible services. Our staff excels in solving problems involving complex investigative needs. No matter what your need, you will find us knowledgeable, skilled and professional. We utilize the latest electronic sweeps, investigative techniques, surveillance equipment, data bases and newest technologies available.

We can identify, track and find information that will provide accurate results.

Along with Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations our training facility, California School of Investigation offers customized and comprehensive training to businesses and professionals, such as: Hostile Work Environment Issues; Sexual Harassment Issues; Civil Liability Issues; Business Security Consultations; and, a 150 Hour Basic Private Investigation Training program for those individuals interested in beginning a career in the Private Investigation Industry.

read more › Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations has over 80 years of combined Law Enforcement and Investigative experience in a vast amount of areas. Our staff have been Police Officers, Sheriffs, Detectives, Investigators, Instructors, and more. There is no job too big nor to small, that we cannot handle for your company, law firm, or personal needs. Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations are able to work both sides of the Scales of Justice. Our Investigators have diligently worked on both the Prosecution and Defense sides of hundreds of Criminal cases.

read more › Jack is the founder of Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations. He is a retired Police Officer with over 28 years of experience in all areas of Law Enforcement. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at California State University, Stanislaus and has been for over fifteen years. Jack has owned and operated Jack Able & Associates Investigations for over 19 years. Tim became a California Private Investigator in 1991. Tim specializes in criminal defense, civil, skip tracing, financial/fraud crimes, missing persons, political vetting and surveillance.

read more › A criminal investigation is an undertaking that seeks, collects, and gathers evidence for a case or specific purpose. At Jack Able & Associates, our Criminal Investigators look for Clues, review Discovery, and seek out additional Evidence, to determine whether a crime has or has not taken place. If a crime has been committed, Criminal Investigators may look into the background of the accused and may try to uncover who committed the crime and why. It is often found that the accused played a different role or had nothing to do with an alleged crime at all.

read more › A civil investigation can be a variety of matters. Civil investigations can be Divorce, Marital, Child Custody, Asset Searches, Missing Persons, Lawsuits, and more. Our Investigators help uncover and assemble the information needed for all types of Civil trials. A Civil trial is the opposite of a criminal trail. In most cases, this type of court case involves two individual citizens and or businesses, who are arguing about an issue that relates to their rights as citizens. Civil investigations are utilized to gather the evidence that is essential to such a trial.

read more › Through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hundreds of accidents are recorded each year. These accidents are classified from minor to catastrophic. Some of these accidents unfortunately lead to fatalities. Thousands of accidents occur throughout the United States every day. The failure of people, equipment, supplies, or surroundings to behave or react as expected causes most of the accidents. At Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations, our Investigators help to determine how and why these failures occur.

read more › Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations prides itself in having a stellar Surveillance Team. Our Investigators have thousands of combined hours of surveillance experience. Surveillance is the close observation of a person, place, or object. There are a number of reasons to conduct surveillance. With marital infidelity on the rise, employee dishonesty increasing, and crime rates a concern for everyone across the country, surveillance is one way Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations can help you to stay safe and secure.

read more › In California, workers' compensation insurance is a no-fault system. Injured employees need not prove an injury was someone else's fault in order to receive workers' compensation benefits for an on-the-job injury. In addition to medical expenses being covered for injured employees, some injured workers are entitled to recover a portion of lost wages resulting from injury. Fraudulent workers' compensation claims can be an enticing target for criminals. Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations has been working all aspects of Work Comp.

read more › Accident investigation and accident reconstruction are very specific types of investigations. Jack Able & Associates Private Investigations are proud to have one of the best reconstruction teams available. After a motor vehicle accident occurs, particularly one resulting in severe injuries or death, it will usually be investigated and sometimes be reconstructed. The police will investigate an accident with the intention of determining if any criminal action took place in the accident. Some of the things the police look for are speeding, hours-of-service violations, mechanical violations, alcohol use, drug use, etc.

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