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Keefe Private Investigations Do not let the fear of "what if" stop you from reaching your objective. At Keefe Private Investigations in OKC, relieving your concerns is Keefe Private Investigations' primary goal. Our Oklahoma Process Servers have been providing professional services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens covering all of the Oklahoma Court systems.

Our private investigation OKC division proudly offers services to professionals, private individuals, corporate, and governmental agencies. Oklahoma Process Servers provides professional bodyguard in OKC services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens all over Oklahoma. Our trained armed and unarmed Oklahoma private security professionals are available to meet all of your personal security needs.

Our Oklahoma security guard department focuses on a broad range of clients. Oklahoma Process Servers has a wide range of expert witness testimony available to you. Medical Experts, Legal/Judicial/Court Experts, Education Experts, Computer Experts, Law Enforcement Experts and more.

read more › Finding the right investigator and detective with the right skills takes significant effort and time. Your ideal investigator must be able to carry out detailed comparison, in-depth research and deciphering information authentically and reliably. Our experts are hand-picked and have years of experience in their respective fields. We provide experts based on the needs of our clients after giving them a detailed consultation. At Keefe, we have a history of giving our client complete service satisfaction, so when we deliver the results - they know its credible, they know it's authentic.

read more › Parties to a trial can ask anyone who has a connection to the case or who can help their case to testify at their trial. The parties may also ask an expert to testify when the case contains technical or scientific elements which are difficult to understand. A witness is a person who has personally seen or heard a situation and who comes to tell what happened in court. Before starting the testimony, the clerk will make him swear or testify to tell the whole truth. A witness cannot give his opinion or speculate.

read more › Then you need a private investigator; look no further! Keefe Private Investigations' Oklahoma City private investigators are top-notch, top-quality, and top-rated. She employs the best to provide you with the best. Her team of Oklahoma private detectives is professionally trained, some even ex-law enforcement agents. A private investigator's primary job is to bring you answers and give you the peace of mind you so desperately seek. Keefe Private Investigations has a staff of Oklahoma's finest private detectives and investigators who are willing to go an extra mile and live up to their reputation.

read more › The key to a private investigating service lies in the detective's abilities. There is a reason Tinsley requires all Keefe Private Investigations' detectives to have or undergo extensive training before sending them into the field of work. Without their skillset, the investigation would be long, confusing, and perhaps even inaccurate. With Keefe Private Investigations, you don't have to worry about a lack of skills. The fact of the matter is simple: Tinsley's private detectives perform their abilities because they were trained to perform their abilities.

read more › As we know that every state has its criteria to provide a deposit system but have you ever heard about the bail bond deposit system? Well! The bail bond deposit system in the USA and other states has now been developed for the past few years. The reason to conduct this system is because of the lawful and procedural circumstances, which at times contrasts essentially from different nations. In the United States of Oklahoma, a bail bond defendant can establish a bail pending trial. By following their deposit, the bond, the charge's appearance at the fundamental trial is to be guaranteed.

read more › At Oklahoma City Private Investigations, we are aware of the times and financial difficulties that you face when retrieving documents from court clerk offices in Oklahoma Counties. The System could be quite difficult and tedious. At Oklahoma City Private Investigations, we have the legal document assistant service that is supervised by experienced attorneys. Document Retrieval is a procedure that cannot be avoided in any case related to registration of rights, resolution of disputes and claims.

read more › Obeying legal policies is important during process serving, but Tinsley and Oklahoma City's main process serving goal is assisting to you and your needs. While we obey all safety regulations and laws, we also make it a point to show you our consideration and understanding. Our phenomenal, professionally trained OKC process servers go out of their way to win your trust and respect. Utilizing an Oklahoma City Process Server is valuable. Our process server team will provide all the necessary information for the judicial system; allowing them to make their decision in a timely manner.

read more › Our Oklahoma process server team is extremely understanding of different financial situations, which is why our prices reflect our consideration. A variety of different payment methods are offered: cash, business/government check, cashier's check, personal check, money order, check fax, and PayPal. Keefe Private Investigations' Oklahoma City process servers are skilled in every factor that relates to serving papers. This means that ultimately, her process servers will go out of their way to close on a case.

read more › Tinsley's notary publics in Oklahoma City are appointed by the state of Oklahoma to validate the identity of signers. The OKC notary public is also required to be bonded by a private company. All legal notary publics in OKC will carry a special stamp or seal to verify their legitimacy. Tinsley Ariana Taylor offers the best notary public services in Oklahoma City. Keefe Private Investigations can help you with your legal notary public matters - making your process as smooth as possible. Legal matters often involve complexities, and in such times, you need licensed notary public who can serve you well.

read more › The data is related to the person or group of people in which they are serving and trying to find out information. An expert skips tracer doesn't just go to the web to discover data out with regard to a person. They approach exceptional information bases that the everyday citizen doesn't. Each snippet of data that the skip tracer finds is broadly investigated, found out, and evaluated to check its quality. Looking for someone? A person or maybe a debtor who needs to be served? A witness or a criminal?

read more › To ensure the safety of people exposed to a high level of risk, close protection services are essential. These can range from elite bodyguards to close protection solutions for people. Close protection is a necessary safety measure for people who may be exposed to increased risk because of their job, fame, wealth, associations, geographic location, or any other reason that could make them a target for physical attack or kidnapping. Oklahoma City Private Investigations has offered close protection bodyguard services solutions to customers across Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Edmond.

read more › We are pleased to recommend some really outstanding attorneys in Oklahoma. These are our list of tried-and-true attorneys, and they have NOT paid to be listed here. The following is a list of attorneys, in our opinion, with the best experience, price, professionalism and service:. Kevin L. Miller - Mr. Miller has lived in Oklahoma his entire life, with his undergrad in political science from the University of Oklahoma in 1982. He graduated from the Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1985, winning the American Jurisprudence Award for Estate Planning.

read more › Parents have a right to visit their children and take their custody when they are separating. When parents claim custody after separation, then the court keeps in mind the benefit of the child. When you have an Oklahoma separation or custody case, then an advocate can't identify the result of that case. If you don't do so, then your chances of case winning are less. It is a great misconception that a mother has more rights to spend time with the child and his custody. What is better for the child is the main thing in custody cases.

read more › Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear is a crime in Texas that authorizes the state's lawyers to prosecute anyone who they feel willfully or intentionally avoided a court appearance without a legitimate justification. Many state criminal lawyers do not pursue this offense commonly because failing to pay bond usually results in a record and an adjustment in bail, if not immediate cancellation. This crime is commonly charged with a crime in local courts and some regions. Unless it fits through one of the two major categories mentioned within the next second paragraph, a judgment for Bail Jumping and Responsibility for Appearing is a Class A Misdemeanor 2, punishable by a heavy penalty of $4,000 and a year in jail according to Texas current law.

read more › Home / Blog / Private Investigation in Oklahoma City / Can a Private Investigator Tap Your Phone? A professional private investigator collects information and evidence by using their resources and tools within the law. But in many countries and states, the law restricts the use of such sources and tools that can be helpful to collect relevant data for a case. It happens because it seems to be an excellent way to collect valuable data. But in most countries and states, wiretapping is strictly restricted.

read more › Private investigators are hired for a diversity of reasons. Many researchers are already being decided to hire to confirm a participant's well-being, whether it was for a corporate or a financial institution. They might also evaluate their lifestyles and look into their job situation. Consumers who already have lost communication with their parents, along with other things, can hire private detectives. To do a mental health assessment, a police detective is exceptionally talented. Professionals are also adept at holding private discussions, conferences, and telephone conversations.

read more › Home / Blog / Private Investigation in Oklahoma City / How to Perform Premarital Background Checks? Nowadays, almost half of all marriages in the United States end up divorced. Most of these relationships break down since one partner was unaware of someone in anyone's background that could have been learned before they married. However, there is something problematic they were attempting to conceal. Identity can swiftly connect customers with an expert investigator who specializes in these kinds of investigations, giving them essential information that could help them feel confident enough to make one from their most major matters.

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