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Are you in court for a lawsuit. Auto accident, personal injury, discrimination, personal reasons, business, employment, trouble with a neighbor? Let us find evidence to support your claim. Documenting the activities of an individual, place or thing. LPI SERVICES is a Washington State Licensed Private Investigative Agency No.796 and a Washington State Registered Process Server.

LPI SERVICES has received training from some of the best in the field of investigations, including a former judge, ex-law enforcement officials, ex-government agents, and seasoned investigators who helped write the laws that govern the state of Washington's private investigation industry. So if you are in Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Seattle or greater area and are in need of top quality private investigator services, reach out to us!

LPI Services is a service-oriented private detective agency dedicated to providing top-notch private investigations for a wide variety of purposes. As an investigative agency with a firm commitment to delivering superior results at honest, fair costs, LPI Services provides discreet, confidential private investigative work that helps clients accomplish their objectives.

read more › Since 1998, Edward Lewis has been providing bodyguard work and private investigation services for individuals, families, and businesses throughout Washington State and its surrounding communities. Edward founded LPI Services as a means to offer better quality private investigator services at very reasonable costs. With a firm commitment to delivering reliable, discreet, and confidential private detective services at fair hourly and flat rates, LPI Services has consistently delivered quality results which have earned for us a solid reputation as the premier investigative agency trusted by more and more clients throughout the areas served.

read more › Investigate data on cell phone such as phone log, text messages, internet access, deleted messages etc. Can be done on location or in our office. This forensic services is similar to what law enforcement uses. Documenting the activities of an individual, place or thing. Do you need protection from a violent or hostile person? Are you a professional or celebrity that could use a discreet bodyguard? Is someone violating a restraining order and you fear for your safety. Do you need protection during retrieval of personal items from a court-ordered property dispute?

read more › Don't cause any conflict or make new confrontations with the target. Act as if he/she is getting their way and you are unaware of their activities. Document days and times that the target is having suspicious behavior. Copy down unknown phone numbers, license plate of cars you see them get into, document names of people associated with them on a social basis, check the credit card and bank statements for unusual spending. It depends upon the dynamics of the case. Each case has its own set of obstacles, sensitivity, anticipated expenses, additional operatives/investigators and risk factor.

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