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Maine Pi Service An established leader in the Maine Private Investigator field, Maine PI Service is known for our ability to obtain answers and results for our clientele. When you want the truth, people who have utilized our service will agree, Maine PI Service has the knowledge and experience to find it. With over 20 years of law-enforcement experience in interrogation and investigation, our private investigators are able to provide detailed, quality results.

Integrity is a key element in our relationship with our clientele; our investigations are conducted based upon current State and Federal case-law standards. This provides our clientele quality results without compromise. Maine PI Service is a licensed Maine private investigator agency, full-service detective/investigative agency in Maine that provides quality solutions tailored to the client's requirements.

We offer a wide range of services for law firms, insurance companies, corporations and private individuals. Our services are performed to the highest standards and our cases are handled with extreme confidentiality.

read more › When you're in need of corporate and retail investigative services, you need experienced, discreet investigators. Internal theft, vendor discrepancies, poor customer relations, and abuse of benefits all contribute to the overall success or failure of a business. From large corporations to small retail operations, our investigators work to increase your company's profitability. Investigators at Maine PI Service have a wide range of retail investigative experience. Familiarity with a variety of operating systems enables us to work undercover as employees to uncover theft, drug use, sweetheart deals, customer abuse of company policies, and disgruntled employees, all of which decrease the operating efficiency of a business.

read more › Insurance fraud, specifically in the area of false property claims, is defined as an act committed by anyone who, knowingly and with intent, defrauds another person for gain. Fraudulent insurance acts include claims fraud and application fraud. At Maine PI Service, insurance fraud investigations are one of our core competencies. We work closely with insurance companies to assist in identifying those committing fraudulent insurance acts, as well as individuals who conspire or assist with the fraud.

read more › Maine PI Service can handle all your statewide process serving needs quickly, professionally, and accurately. Our process servers have the experience and knowledge of local laws to provide successful process service throughout Maine. Maine PI Service will ensure that your process is served properly and returned quickly. The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) is the nation's largest community of professional process servers and the first resource for credible information regarding the profession.

read more › In order to successfully collect on a delinquent account, you have to locate the debtor, known as skip tracing. A debtor may relocate and/or have their telephone disconnected, believing they are leaving creditors with no immediate means of contact. However, Maine PI Service can locate debtors through our well-respected and highly effective locator services, skip tracing. Maine PI Service has the skip tracing expertise to locate your debtors and serve the proper paperwork to begin the process of debt collection.

read more › If you're a past victim of sexual abuse and your abuser is still abusing victims, our services may help you find the justice you have not yet received. Our investigators will conduct a discreet investigation that will prompt a complete police investigation. We will uncover the evidence needed to stop the abuse. Contact Maine PI Service to get justice for sexual abuse victims the legal way. A 24-hour statewide sexual assault crisis and support line providing confidential services free of charge.

read more › Maine PI Service conducts all business with the latest investigative technology. Our commitment to this critical investment provides the support structure necessary to achieve the best results for our clientele. When you work with Maine PI Service, you gain access to our accounts with the nation's top database companies, allowing us to do the thorough and current research you need and expect. Maine PI Service will honor most investigation requests that meet the legal and ethical standards of our company.

read more › Mark Cayer of PI Service has given me invaluable help in both criminal and civil cases alike. His years as a law enforcement officer give him the expertise to investigate cases with painstaking thoroughness, but at the same time his friendly, low-key manner often enables him to get information from witnesses that earlier police interviews were unable to uncover. In criminal cases particularly, he invariably will point out to me mistakes and omissions in the police investigation which sometimes become invaluable to me at trial.

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