Private Investigators Association Of Virginia
The Board of Directors, unanimously, has approved business continuity measures, and continues working actively to develop and implement measures intended to benefit association members, whose business practices have been malaffected by restrictions of movement and interaction, both imposed and volitional, resulting from the current pandemic. For individuals with applications in queue, the Board of Directors has resumed processing of applications.

For individuals intending to apply for membership, the depth and breadth of knowledge, and aggregate experience, of our members and select benefits make the association an invaluable resource for participants. There is no better time to take advantage of the networking and support your colleagues can offer. A Private Investigator registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS)*.

2. A private investigator or equivalent credentialed in a state or jurisdiction other than Virginia. Every PIAVA member pledges to conduct his or her activities in accordance with the professional Code of Ethics of the association.

read more › The Private Investigators Association of Virginia Inc, commonly known as PIAVA, is the only membership organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia focusing solely on service to the Private Investigator profession. Our association traces its roots back to purely social gatherings of roughly a dozen or so private investigation firm owners, who had been meeting monthly at the Black Angus Restaurant in Springfield, Virginia for quite some time. Fostering a spirit of cooperation and developing trust, goodwill and friendship among its members, law enforcement and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

read more › TO conduct myself in my profession with honesty, sincerity, integrity, fidelity, morality and good conscience in all dealings with my clients. TO preserve forever my clients' confidence under any and all circumstances and deal justly, and impartially with each individual, irrespective of social, political, racial, ethnic, or religious considerations, economic status, or physical characteristics. TO conduct all of my business and investigative activities within the bounds of legality, morality, and professional ethics.

read more › The PIAVA Board of Directors has established a tiered system of Awards to recognize the significant accomplishments, achievements and/or contributions of an individual(s) to the Association, the Private Investigative profession, the private security industry, and/or the administration of criminal or civil justice. Investigative Achievement (General Investigative Activity, Criminal Investigative Activity, Investigation in Support of Civil Litigation, Litigation Support, or Pro Bono Investigative Service).

read more › A suite of valuable offers from leading and highly rated vendors of essential and desriable products and services, inlcuding but not limited to hardware, software, privacy and cybersecurity services, and PI insurance. Post to the PIAVA exclusive list serv for assists, tips, information and links of interest, and receive notices of work opportunities. Connect, exchange information and share business opportunities with a network of investigators working in and around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

read more › We invite you to Join The Private Investigators Association of Virginia Inc - PIAVA*, as the association is commonly known - the only membership organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia devoted solely to the private investigations profession. Regular Membership is available to individuals who are registered with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS) as Private Investigators. The annual dues for membership in PIAVA as a Regular Member of the Association is $75.00, presently.

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