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Ed Roy Investigations Are you in need of information that you can't get on your own? Our expert detectives will work with you to ensure that you obtain all of the facts you need. Need to know if someone is telling the truth? We perform professional, discreet polygraph/lie detector testing right here in Lafayette, Louisiana. Ensure that who you're hiring meets all of your required standards.

We perform a complete background examination on your potential employees and provide you with the details. Worried your recently injured employee is receiving benefits that he/she doesn't deserve? We get to the bottom of any worker's comp claim and make sure you aren't the victim of fraud. I have known Ed Roy both personally and professionally for over 30 years.

From a personal standpoint, Ed is intelligent, mentally quick, and trustworthy. From a business standpoint, add competency and efficiency to those qualities. I have always been amazed at how quickly Ed has been able to produce results on legal matters for me. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

read more › Since 2006, Ed Roy Ltd has been a successful business support company offering private investigation services to a number of individuals, businesses, and organizations across Lafayette and all of Louisiana. Ed Roy Ltd offers Private Investigations Services, Pre-employment Background Checks, Expert Witness Services, Polygraph Testing, DNA Testing, Worker's Comp Fraud Investigations and more. Personal private investigation services are tailored to meet the needs of every client individually. Ed Roy, Ltd is one of only 16 Louisiana companies authorized by Louisiana State Police to directly access the Louisiana Computerized Criminal History System (LACCH).

read more › To provide our clients with the knowledge they need to succeed through the use of confidential, professional, and timely investigation. To inform and advise in order to bring fair justice. Our promise to you is to discover without a shadow of a doubt the information you require in a professional, legal, discreet and timely manner.

read more › Ed Roy Ltd combines expert private investigators and state of the art technology to get to the bottom of any situation. Our clients range from large national law firms and corporations to private individuals looking for assistance. Our professional detective team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you learn everything you need to know. Our services are tailored specifically to you to meet your budget and time constraints. All investigations are performed legally, discreetly, and professionally.

read more › At Ed Roy Ltd we provide personalized, professional and punctual assistance that is tailored to your life, your business, your challenges, and your schedule. Going through a divorce can be hard enough without having to worry that you might not get fair justice. If you have suspicions that your spouse is engaging in questionable or dangerous behavior we can help you get the proof you need to take the upper hand. Our expert agents are highly trained in covert surveillance and will provide you with the evidence you need to succeed.

read more › The Polygraph Test, better known as the Lie Detector Test, is an incredibly useful tool in determining the truth when you feel someone is being dishonest. Ed Roy Ltd performs polygraph testing right here in Lafayette Louisiana. We perform a discreet, professional polygraph test in the privacy of our local office and provide you with the details. All information revealed during the test is kept strictly confidential. The lie detector test can be administered for a variety of different reasons including employment, theft, family issues, infidelity suspicions, and more.

read more › Ed Roy, Ltd offers to Louisiana expert consulting services in traffic crash reconstruction involving small and large vehicles alike. ERL specializes in accident investigations for personal injury cases. With a decade of experience pertaining specifically to accident reconstruction in Louisiana gives our clients the assurance that your accident investigation/reconstruction will be conducted with the highest level of expertise. From the start of the investigation, to the final court ready report, our professionalism will produce the best result for you and your clients.

read more › ERL offers a state of the art screening program designed to reduce or eliminate terrorism in Louisiana and the United States. EyeDetect is changing the way we deal with terrorism and corruption by utilizing the world's first ocular motor deception testing in Louisiana. The science team, from the University of Utah, that invented the computerized polygraph also developed EyeDetect. With this new technology, we are able to tell if the subject has ties to terrorist organizations, including through association with a friend or relative that is involved, or by direct affiliation.

read more › The growing reliance on cellular phones, particularly smart phones has presented a new frontier for investigators who have become trained in cellular forensics in Louisiana including recovering deleted text messages, past GPS locations and other data that may have been deleted. Various applications are available to download to a smart phone making them easy targets for bugging. An app can turn your phone into a GPS tracking device as well as send out important and private information to wood be hackers.

read more › Ed Roy, Ltd conducts confidential and discreet relationship investigations in Lafayette often referred to as cheating spouse investigations. Our management will work closely with you during the free consultation in order to discover and verify the facts pertaining to your particular situation. ERL Investigators understand human behavior and will recommend the best approach and tactics to gather the required information. ERL uses a variety of methods to discover, document and expose the truth. By use of visual surveillance, forensic investigation of computers/cell phones, examination of other physical evidence of cheating, background investigations and other investigative tools, ERL will get you the information you seek.

read more › Nothing is more important than your child's safety! The problem begins when he or she is out of your sight and in the custody of your ex-partner or ex-spouse. When you don't trust your ex, the situation is even more worrisome and stressful. In addition, children are often too young, too innocent, or too afraid to tell you what happens when they are with their other parent(s). If your ex is putting your child at risk, neglecting your child, or violating the terms of a court-ordered child custody agreement in Lafayette, you need to act fast.

read more › If you feel that you are the victim of an unfaithful wife or husband, it is likely to be the most painful situation you have ever gone through. Just the thought of a cheating spouse can be enough to cause crippling stress and leave your life a mess. Ed Roy Ltd understands what you are going through and wants to help. We will provide you with the proof you need of adultery or infidelity so that you can face the truth and move on with your life. Unfortunately when a partner begins to seriously suspect infidelity from the other, it is usually the case.

read more › With the advent of computer technology, we are all faced with new and complex issues that might affect our businesses and personal lives. Individuals with bad intent use computers as a tool to commit crimes and or to forward his/her agenda by deceit. ERL's cyber technology investigators in Louisiana have responded by implementing tools and methods to combat these individuals.

read more › An informative and persuasive courtroom presentation can make the difference between winning and losing. But the presentations can take time and resources that you don't have. Don't sweat the details! Ed Roy Ltd in Lafayette LA has been preparing expert courtroom presentations for the legal community and for private citizens since 2006. Our professional agents are fully prepared to organize all of your legal information into a powerful presentation that drives the point home. We'll provide everything for your appearance in a clear, concise and professional display leaving you with a feeling of confidence.

read more › Ed Roy Ltd provides professional level DNA testing that produces results with over 99.99% accuracy. Whether you want to establish paternity for child support or for inheritance, there are many reasons for getting the answer to your DNA questions as quickly as possible. Prove with impunity who the father is with this non-invasive, simple test that requires only a quick trip to our local Lafayette office. Collection can take place at our collection facility. It takes less than 30 minutes, including paperwork.

read more › Ensure that the person you are hiring is everything that they claim to be. Our detailed background checks cover residency, previous employment, education, credit, criminal history and more. Ensure that who you're hiring meets all of your required standards. Ed Roy Ltd will personally handle all of your pre-employment and post-employment background checks and give you all of the necessary information you need to make the final decision on your staff. Employee Background Checks are mandatory for many job positions and are also very useful in determining the quality of your staff.

read more › ERL has two expert witnesses in Louisiana, in the fields of meteorology, aviation and vehicle crash reconstruction. Ed Roy has also personally served as an expert witness for Louisiana in state and federal courts for over 30 years. He is ready to go to the stand for you. ERL also offers Computerized Reporting and Trial Books to further increase the likelihood of success in the courtroom. Everything you need to succeed on your court date can be provided, from the initial investigation to gathering evidence to the final presentation in front of the judge.

read more › As a GPS tracking unit supplier in Louisiana, ERL can assess your situation and recommend the appropriate GPS tracker. Whether your need is to purchase or rent a GPS Tracker in Lafayette, ERL has what you need. ERL carries the top brand in tracking units and provides the quickest/best in location updates. In addition, we can install the unit(s) that you purchase from us. ERL provides GPS tracking devices in Louisiana in accordance with LA RS 14:323 and all its provisions.

read more › President/CEO, Meteorologist Ed Roy provides forensic meteorology services in Louisiana, weather forecasting and climate research services to law and insurance firms, local, state, and federal government agencies and other professionals. As an expert witness in the field in forensic meteorology, Mr. Roy provides consulting and prior weather reports for numerous use cases in Louisiana and around the county. Mr. Roy has been retained by attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement, and private corporations to research past weather conditions and conduct climate investigations to name a few.

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