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Fact Quest Contact us for a free and confidential investigation consultation to learn more about the services we provide. During the initial consultation we will discuss what options are available, the costs involved and the results that you can expect from us. What is Service of Process? The law says that when you sue a person, partnership, corporation, or the government, you must give formal notice to the other side that you have started the legal process.

The legal way to give formal notice is to have the other side "served" with a copy of the paperwork that you have filed with the court. This is called "service of process."

read more › In a court of law, it's not what you know, it's what you can prove. Proof comes in the form of FACTS and EVIDENCE. When making decisions that will affect your future, your business or your family, you are going to want the most accurate, current and relevant information. Fact Quest can help you get the EVIDENCE, the FACTS and the PROOF. FACT QUEST provides objective and verifiable information as PROOF. To ensure that the information we provide is objective and verifiable, we employ a standard process of investigation in each and every case, each and every time.

read more › You may be doing your client a disservice by not retaining the services of a licensed investigator. While it may be more cost effective to utilize in-house capacity, we strongly advise against cutting corners when it comes to gathering information and case intelligence. Work with Fact Quest and we'll provide our expertise to assist you in both criminal and civil matters including service of process and court records research. Call us to learn more about our areas of expertise.

read more › Most individuals and companies who hire private investigators for the first time are unaware of important laws which apply to investigators in California. In addition to California's many strict rules, Fact Quest also has important policies about which our clients should be familiar. Private investigators are required by law to explain to clients how the client will be charged for services and expenses. Fact Quest has provided or will provide to you a written services agreement which explains the way we calculate and charge for our services and what expenses will be invoiced for reimbursement.

read more › Fact Quest serves the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo and Santa Clara. We have a network of licensed investigators throughout California and across the United States that we work with in order to provide our clients with the information that they need, when they need it.

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